Monday, September 11, 2006

Getting Ready

Roads on the highway have been re-laid. Pots of flowers were aesthetically arranged on all sides of the roads. Unsightly construction works were hidden from view by placing strategically pots of plants in front of freshly painted metal fences. The city is ready to welcome its guests from IMF and World Bank with our 4 million smiles.

The IMF and WB delegates get perks that Singaporeans have not enjoyed - GRS system for buses, nicer scenary with flowered plantations, better customer service from taxi drivers and retail staff (since they has gone for training);

But guess what?? Inconveniences is what we get in return.

Even before the meetings can start, Singapore has already faced its first major stumbling block.

The IMF and World Bank on Friday issued an unprecedented rebuke to Singapore over a ban on accredited activists invited to attend the annual meetings of the two financial institutions next week.

If Singapore systems and as a country is that fragile and cannot withstand peaceful and civil protest and demostrations then I do not think Singapore can withstand the test of any war or violent conflicts. SAF should just close down and stop wasting resources and time.

I think after years of nation building, we should be more resilient than that or else a breeze alone can cripple Singapore. How chaotic can civil demostrations be as compared to the chaos brought by NEL and MRT breakdowns ???

After 40 years, we are still debating about national identity and of Singapore being hotel or country. I think PAP has failed to deliver Singapore as a country but has succeeded in delivering Singapore as a settlement and a place good for business. It is not good for anything else. In that case, I can choose anywhere else as Singapore is not the only place in the Global World good for business.

Well, I hope that security would not be so blady zealous that anyone entering City Hall MRT would be subjected to a ridiculous security screening to 'ensure the safety of the delegates' thingy.

Yes, cos I'll need to go past City Hall.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Blaming the stingrays

One of the sick ironies in life, being such an animal lover.

He's a good bloke with that famous catchphrase "Crikeyy!". What a huge lost, for us and for his animals.

I hope his children gets to know what kind of a man their father was. He at the very least, deserves that.

And for me, I'll always remember that scene of him running from a komodo dragon. It takes much more to go up close to a komodo dragon, and he's one of the few that did, and survived that.

The man may be gone but his legacy will live on. His passion for the environment and all creatures great and small has influenced a whole generation.

In my impression of his shows, he will always just take off his shirt and wear a goggle then jump to the sea, no protection or anything else.

Always make me sweat for him, now really sad hes gone.

He's a great guy... damn entertaining... sad way to end ur life...
Remember he always like to say "ain't she a beauty!!".... "she's gorgeous!!" his thick Australian accent.

RIP Steve Irwin.

Australia has lost a great icon

The stingray that killed him should be chopped into pieces ALIVE and BBQed with chilli!!!

I am on a one week stingray eating spree!!