Sunday, August 28, 2005

Well i have seen many things , war , peace , relationships , etc. are they all about money ?

The question is is life all about money ? Do you know people who are really rich and hate that they can buy all the things in the world they want?

When you die , you say that money is not something you bring back , but how come hell also talk about money , materialistic stuff and such ?

How come without money u will be looked down upon and worst still people are sympathic of you.

Car accident also money talks.

Family property sisters and brothers also fight.

Money can get you the best doctors/ laywers.

Money can buy you a really good car and a comfortable life.

Money can get you many girls in singapore.

Without money do you think you will be able to survive well ?

I really stop many times to think are we as a race really boil things down to money?

Dont tell me the stupid crap about life is not just about money , from what i see and many of my friends see , money is always an issue to any conversation , what you work as , how much you earn , why u never drive,etc all this need money.

The question is "IS IT ALL ABOUT MONEY ?"

Is it that if you dont have money in this world you will be powerless to do anything ?

I really feel that life is about money now , things i want to do i cannot do , like traveling round the world, skydiving , flying a plane/helicoptor , etc .

Sometimes i really feel worthless as a human being without money . do you all feel the same ?

money can't buy happiness.

But it sure can buy the things that make me happy.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Can we dun grow up???
growing up got so many problems, troubles etc...
Last time when still schooling where got such problems...

I dont want to grow up...

But then, if life is smooth sailing all the way, I won't know how to handle problems when they finally come.

Best to have a mix of smooth n rough sailing.

It makes me a better sailor in life.

Jia You!


Fact and Comment
Steve Forbes, 02.14.05, 12:00 AM ET

Bring Back Democracy to America

A great blight of our democracy today is that most congressional and state legislative elections are noncompetitive. Thanks to sophisticated computer technology, politicians can now draw district lines that virtually guarantee the reelection of incumbents or preserve seats for particular parties.

The districts often resemble a Jackson Pollock painting or a bowl of spaghetti thrown on the wall. Towns are carved up into numerous pieces.

Houses in the same neighborhood can find themselves with different legislative representatives. Most of these races today have all the suspense of those in the former Soviet Union.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently proposed that in California the responsibility for drawing congressional and state legislative districts be removed from the politicians and given to a panel of nonpartisan retired judges.

Lines would be sensibly set again for compactness and would keep communities in the same district. Politicians would actually face realistic electoral contests once more.

Of America's 435 congressional districts, only about 35 had real contests this past November--about a third of what we had in 1992.

After the 1990 census, districts in New Jersey were constructed so that every incumbent member of Congress was guaranteed reelection. The same thing happened in California:

In the last election not one California house seat changed party hands. In 2002 the only switch came when Representative Gary Condit was undone by the scandal surrounding the murder of one of his interns, with whom he subsequently admitted having had an affair.

Today in the U.S. only Iowa, Arizona and, to a lesser extent, the state of Washington make honest efforts to draw honest nonpartisan districts. What politicos have wrought is also an argument for term limits.

In this modern day, incumbents have huge advantages--ready access to the media, taxpayer-financed political mailings sent out under the guise of constituent-information newsletters, taxpayer-financed "constituent offices" that are really disguised political headquarters and contributions from special interests.

Forcing politicos to repot themselves every few years would be a good thing. Critics claim that we would be deprived of experienced legislators. Not really. For much of this republic's existence, most of those who served in Congress sat there for only a handful of years. California already has term limits. Now it needs Arnold's reform to have honest, competitive legislative districts.

Monopoly is bad for business, and competition is good. The same holds true for politics.

Didn't know that US election is also doing the same things as Singapore like redrawing of boundaries.

Now even the superpower is learning from us, shouldn't we Singaporeans proud of it?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Family Members Relationship To PM Lee

Mdm Ho Ching, Wife of PM Lee: Chairman of Chartered Semiconductor, ST Engineering, ST Capital, StarHub, Deputy Chairman of Singapore
Technologies, and Director of Temasek Holdings and SembCorp Industries (Singapore Technologies unit)

Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew, Father of PM Lee: Chairman of GIC

Brigadier-General Lee Hsien Yang,
Brother of PM Lee: Chief Executive of SingTel Group and SESAMi Inc (SingTel unit), and Director of Singapore Technologies Industrial Corporation and National Computer Systems(SingTel unit)

Colonel (Dr) Kwa Soon Bee, Uncle of PM Lee (Mother’s Brother): Managing Director of Jurong Bird Park, Chairman of Wildlife Reserves Singapore and Director of Keppel Land

Mr Edmund Lee, Cousin of PM Lee(Father’s Brother’s Son): Chief Executive of DBS Vickers (DBS and Singapore Technologies unit)

Mr Kwa Chong Seng, Cousin of PM Lee(Mother’s Brother’s Son) Deputy Chairman of Temasek Holdings (Ministry of Finance unit)

Mr Ho Sing. Brother-In-Law of PM Lee(Wife’s Brother) Vice President of Singapore Precision Industries 2000 (Singapore Technologies unit) and Director of Advanced Materials Technologies (Singapore Technologies unit)

Mrs Lee Suet Fern, Sister-In-Law of PM Lee Brother’s Wife) Director of SembCorp Logistics

Ms Lim Suet Boey, Sister-In-Law’s Sister (Brother’s Wife’s Sister) Senior Vice President of SembCorp Utilities).

Long Live the Lees.........

I think the lee family employs 1/2 the singapore population...
Still got plenty of areas left untouch leh like Army, Politicians, Private sector as well as overseas investments

Really lee dynasty

Moral of the story??

Go date some chicks related to the Lees family...

ROM and u enjoy big time

And oh. . .
When this country changing name to Leekapore?

Monday, August 22, 2005

After reading the ST report on three young Singaporeans arrested for uploading songs to other people who wants their songs, I can imagine this scene at a typical primary school in Singapore,

"Ah Lian! your mama bought you some orange juice, can you be a dear and share some of your orange juice with me?"

"What? Ah Beng wants me to share my orange juice with him!
RIAS and IPOS says sharing is a crime!
Everytime I share my orange juice with him, the orange juice canteen store auntie lost a sale and thus Ah Beng is robbing the stallholder!

Send Ah Beng to jail please! Sharing is a crime!!!"

Ah Beng "????"

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Question 1:
If you knew a woman who was pregnant, who had 8 kids already, three who were deaf, two who were blind, one mentally retarded, and she had syphilis, would you recommend that she have an abortion?

Read the next question before looking at the answer for this one.

Question 2:

It is time to elect a new world leader, and only your vote counts. Here are the facts about the three leading candidates.

Candidate A -

Associates with crooked politicians, and consults with astrologists. He's had two mistresses. He also chain smokes and drinks 8 to 10 martinis a day.

Candidate B -

He was kicked out of office twice, sleeps until noon, used opium in college and drinks a quart of whiskey every evening.

Candidate C -

He is a decorated war hero. He's a vegetarian, doesn't smoke, drinks an occasional beer and never cheated on his wife.

Which of these candidates would be your choice? Decide first, no peeking,

then scroll down for the answer.

Candidate A is Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Candidate B is Winston Churchill.

Candidate C is Adolph Hitler.

And, by the way, the answer to the abortion question: If you said yes, you just killed Beethoven.

Pretty interesting isn't it? Makes a person think before judging someone.

Can you imagine working for a company that has a little more than 500 employees and has the following statistics:

29 have been accused of spousal abuse

7 have been arrested for fraud

19 have been accused of writing bad checks

117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses

3 have done time for assault

71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit

14 have been arrested on drug-related charges

8 have been arrested for shop lifting

21 are currently defendants in lawsuits

84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year

Can you guess which organization this is?

Give up yet?

It's the 535 members of the United States Congress. The same group of idiots that crank out hundreds of new laws each year designed to keep the U.S.A. in line.

Friday, August 19, 2005

One day,

jus one day. .

one fine day. . .

Will i ever have to end up like this?

There were times when I felt like this. . .

Of Love and habdwriting

Love is like 2 people filling up a piece of paper... A relationship starts off as a clear piece of paper. A guy and a gal agrees to write on that piece of paper.
When it starts, both r excited as it's their first time working together.

They fill up the paper with the best of things they can think of. Sometimes the guy writes more, sometimes the gal writes more. Some people writes without thinking much, some writes after some thought.

As the writing carries on, it gets more and more tiring. The couple have to be motivated to keep on writing. This is the commitment and responsibility of a relationship. As long as the urge to write continues, the writing will never end. It will carry on paper after paper until one pen's ink run out. This is eternal love till death do us apart...

Some couples prefer to write together, some write their own and combine the efforts. Neither side should be the only one writing, else ink may get blocked for the party who writes non-stop. Too tired...

The character of a person is like the handwriting on the paper...Everyone has his/her handwriting. It is very difficult to change one's handwriting. Not impossible but it takes a lot of time and hard work.

The outcome may not be desirable.It is also difficult to imitate the handwritings of another person. The most one can do is to be tidier or more untidy in their handwritings.

Sometimes, to make the writing on the paper look more presentable, it could be necessary for either side to slightly alter the style of his/her handwritings...

A mistake in love is like a smudge on the paper... Whether purposely or accidentally a smudge is a smudge. No matter how well the writing has gone.

So far or how lovely is the content, a smudge will leave a mark no matter how well u cover it (eraser, liquid paper, etc.). Whether to keep on writing will depend on the perception of the couple. Whether they mind the content more or the outlook of the piece of work more.

Worst case is when the paper is torn. It'll leave a very ugly mark. Well, the decision lies with the couple...

To break-off is to stop writing... Many reasons can lead to this ending.

One party could be the one writing non-stop and really too tired to carry on anymore. One party or both could be unsatisfied with the content or really dislike what each other is writing(it takes time to know the writing style of someone, it could be halfway through the paper before it is known).

Or a smudge exists and either one or both mind (depend on their level of perfectionism). Or it could be what they r writing r contradicting each other. It can also be the case where one party finds another partner to write with...

While writing, the couple may exchange their pens. In a new relationship, one party might mind that his/her partner's pen has been used by other people before.

Let's think, learn & share. It is a meaningful journey.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Imagine what will happen if Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, and Sim Wong Hoo, CEO of Creative Technologies were to meet each other online.. .

me says:
hey buttie...

sim wong hoo says:
smlj... i pissed off liao lar. knn, this stupid apple make me lose money mens

me says:
k la... make u happier abit.

* steve jobs has been added to this conversation

swh says:

steve jobs says:
wtf are you talkin'?

me says:
eh... just realised... how come u support microsoft ar?

sj says:
cannot help it buddy. just like how i use office for mac

swh says:
knn. u cheese pie steve jobs. make me lose so much marnees

sj says:
i like eating cheese pies, but i don't know what the **** you're talkin' about! and yeah, congratulations on losing the battle.

swh says:
fugs u!

* sim wong hoo has left the conversation

"[ST Forum Letter] Why force soldiers to donate?

I am a Full-time National Serviceman in the army's Singapore Combat Engineers formation.

As in previous years, the soldiers in my unit were each given an Army Half Marathon donation card. Every soldier was given a minimum quota to meet.

For my unit, the quota was $12 for NSFs and $40 for regulars.

This year, to my knowledge, every NSF met the quota. Then, recently, I was informed that each NSF would have to top up an additional $3 to $4, thanks apparently to surplus donation cards issued to my unit.

Sixteen dollars is about 5 per cent of a private's monthly allowance. Small this amount may be, but it can still be a burden to soldiers facing financial difficulties.

As there are quotas, the organisation might as well deduct the 'donation' amount from soldiers' salaries or allowances."

In my opinion, good that he exposed the dark side of SAF if not every 1 still keep thinking SAF is an angel.

In fact SAF is the worst organization in singapore if you didn't notice.

A bunch of usless personal inside who do nothing to contribute and yet trying to act as if they are some superior class among the others.

Real singapore snob they are.

Its about time this comes to light.

Aiya.. but in the end "mini-deaf"(Mindef) public affairs will give a super morally correct answer to satisfy the public.

Talking about donation cards, last time in primary school, i put names like liu bei, guan yu, zhang fei.. all put 1 cent... kena blacklist and humiliate by my form teacher.

I even had to go see the principal with my mum.. who humiliated me further.

Last time I primary school don't have forum in straits times (if i remember correctly lar)... if not sure write letter and humiliate that teacher. .

Anyone done the same before? Hee..

Monday, August 15, 2005

Today I am goin to write a story.

And my story is entitled "Exes Anonymous"

Today I saw Jasmine's ghost for the 1st time. May be I should call it her doppelganger1. But ghost seems more appropriate, though it's not exactly the right words to us, since Jasmine's still alive.

Though not for me. She's dead to me. I dont want to sound melodramatic, but it's true; to me, for me, she's dead. And i am grieving for her. So in a nut shell, it was her ghost. And it felt like a haunting.

In the 1st split second I saw Jasmine, her image, and i suddenly felt light headed. It was the exact sensation i imagine the characters feel in the movies when a ghost walks through them.

Eveything in your body must shift, like a strong wind blowing through our bones and blood and organs, a shudder of spectral energy.

Horribly unpleasant.

I cant think how I would feel if I saw Jasmine with a guy.


People always throw that word around too lightly.

But I would want to blow my brains out over her and her new guy.

Have them showering for days to get rid of me. Chips of my blood and bone caught in their hair.

Even so, I would ocassionally squeeze my memory as if it were a muscle, wringing out every last drop of Jasmine's face and hair and body, tryin to raise the dead.

It was an awful guilty pleasure.

Human beings are perverse.

There's nothing they want as much as what they cant have.

I'm no better.

Look at Jasmine, how much I wanted her- still want her - because i knew, in the end, she was unattainable.

I am what the shrinks2 would call "fully functional".

I go to work. Hang out with my friends. Go shopping.

And yet I am not really there. I detach myself from it all.

I get myself out of bed every morning, feed myself and send my body and brain off to the office, while the real me, my soul is curled up in bed in a tight foetal knot, crying my heart out.

All I have left are my memories of Jasmine. If those fade, I will have nothing left; I will be completely alone. Because seeing Jasmine in the street, in a resturant, whenever I close my eyes. .

Everytime any of those things happen, she's so close to me in that moment that i cannot truly feel alone.

Which , of course, would be the worst thing of all...


1:"Doppelganger" is German for "double walker" - a shadow self that is thought to accompany every person.

2: Shrink, a american slang for psychiatrist

I just read today's Straits Times and I found that the electoral boundaries have been redrawn again.

Well! The move will doomed the opposition parties and benefited the ruling one. No doubt about it! And stop telling us Singaporeans to be more gracious when they are so kiasu!

Geez, after 40years, they are still behaving like kids

In the end, i foresee that there won't be an election for the future generations anymore.

What is the use for opposition when it is constantly undermined and weakened in Singapore? The ruling party can continue ruling the island-state and forget about putting up a good international image of our governing method.

The election is just a show for the world to see that Singapore is a democracy.

Oops... Not a democracy but a pseudo-democracy1...

I don't support either the opposition or the ruling party but I find that the whole election issue is just a waste of time and effort. Most of the Singaporeans have either given up or are contented with the current situation. So why must there be an election in the first place?

If most of us are content with the current government, we can allow it to rule the country for the next fifty years.This is my personal opinion and I can say that the opposition can forget about challenging the ruling party.

1: Under a pseudo-democratic regime, freedom and individual liberty are lauded in theory, but derogated in practice. The State is portrayed as freedom-loving and a “beacon of democracy”. But when forces threaten the status-quo, there is no hesitation about implementing institutionalised violation of the rights of the people.

Learn something new today?

I did!

In anycase, the world is now in a crazy stage.

It might not only with the war against terrorism.

The Korean peninsular might dip into war.

China might attack Taiwan. Malaysia might attack Singapore.

Militias in East Timor or Timor Lestle might attack the government.

India and Pakistan go into nuclear war.

Militants in Saudi and other Arab states might revolt and bring down the governments.

Israel under attack from Lebanon, then Syria, then Egypt and Jordan. Etc etc.

If the problem of Israel/Palestinian is not solved and the presence of Israel's embassy in Singapore are giving Muslims fuel to attack Singapore.

So when there are gulf war, Korean war, India/Pakistan war etc, Malaysia can attack Singapore. At that time America is too occupied to give help to defend Singapore.

To prevent all these, first sack Nathan as president of Singapore.

Close down the Israeli embassy.

Appoint me president of Singapore.

Hehe. . .Just joking!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

"The Presidential Elections Committee, which announced its decision on Saturday, said President Nathan has all the credentials for the office of the President and is well regarded and respected for his public service.

It considers Mr Nathan a man of integrity, good character and reputation.

The Committee also gave its reasons for rejecting the other three applications.

Firstly, Mr Ooi Boon Ewe, a former tutor, had claimed to be the sole proprietor of a realty business. But the licence for the business had expired at the time of his application for a Certificate of Eligibility.

The second applicant, Mr Ramachandran Govindasamy Naidu, is a retired senior storekeeper, who was with the Commonwealth Forces from 1946 to 1987.

The Committee said the career history of these two men obviously showed that they did not hold any similar or comparable position of seniority and responsibility in any other organisation or department of equivalent size or complexity in the public or private sector, which is necessary for the office of the Presidency.

As for Mr Andrew Kuan, the former Group Chief Financial Officer of JTC, it was the Committee's assessment that the seniority and responsibility of that position was not comparable to those needed for the office either. "

Based on Singapore standard and all the critereas listed, seems like even Bill Clinton, before he was voted US President, was not UP TO STANDARD, to even joining the president election. Bill was just a lawyer and a head of a town.

I think even Mr Reagen, 1 of the highest rated US President in recent years, also was not good enough for that standard, he was an actor before voted as US President.

Wow, Singapore really got HIGH standard sia.

Friday, August 12, 2005

What's happening to SG? People getting fed up? Like these 4 fools?

ONE is alone. TWO is company. THREE is a crowd, and FOUR, is a RIOT.

People around the world must be laughing their heart out ..esp the South Koreans, if u know what i mean . i cannot imagine what if there's 40 protesters ..
they would activate NS men like me ...apache helicopters flying above the sky ... commandos take position to infiltrate ... amour tanks roving thru lim chu kang ...... guardsmen heliborne to the scene .. .

hehe. .
sorry .. watch too much NDP.

But seriously, I dont see any protesters in the pics.

I only see 4 TeleTubbies doing their usual monkey business outside CPF.
Dont they know that to stage a decent protest, their'll need more people?
Just ask the Koreans. I am sure they can lend a tip or two about staging a riot. .


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

More photos
I guess only by posting more photos can i only able to relate to how exciting the whole parade was.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

National Day

For some its a welcome break, for others its another working day.

But for 25,000 odd Singaporeans, its a day to remember, as they gather together at City Hall to celebrate Singapore 40th year of independence.

Singaporeans from all walks of life preparing to celebrate Singapore's birthday

I was one of the lucky 25,000 to lay my hands on the much conveted tickets.

In short, the whole parade was a sight to behold. Set against a backdrop of skyscrapers, the whole show ws a celebration of Singapore success since it gained independence 40 years ago.

The array of lights setting itselves against the beautiful skyline

The freefallers, the aerial display, the military march pass, the mobile column, the mass display. The clockwork precision of these performances bear testament to Singapore's commitment to be the best in whatever we do.

The aerial salute.

The lean, mean fighting machines from the Army. I pity the NSFs though. .

But more than the fanfare and pom, I couldnt help but to feel proud bout my motherland.

Enjoying myself to the fullest

True, there are some constitutions and policies that i cant see eye to eye to, but overall its a great place to live and work in.

At the height of the whole parade, almost everyone was at the peak of estascy

At the height of the show, i can only heave a sign of relief and look up the heaven, and be thankful that I am born here in Singapore, and not in some war torn country.

Oh, by the way, one crescent moon and five stars was on the sky during the parade itself.

This is a sign from heaven.

This must be it.

This is what made all the waiting in the hot sun all worth it.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Just some things to say here

Insurance Agents are fugging irritating. Get off my back. . . .pls! Especially more so if you are from CITY HARVEST!

I can FINALLY blade properly. Getting my own pair of blades real soon.

Work was damn unproductive. Just cant get anything done.

I am a pirate freak. Bought over 100 SGD worth of pirated DVDs last week. Just to inform, Holiday plaza was raided over the past week. Choices are down to a all time low. But i know they will be back. . .soon! M'sia Bagus!

I am contemplating to get a crumpler bag. 230 SGD. Should i buy? I hate my laptop bag.

Finally. . .

It was a gr8 day out with you. Finally seeing you on your own feet. But i wish i could be the one holding yout hand. ;)

I can't cry hard enough
No, I can't cry hard enough
For you to hear me now