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Saturday, July 30, 2005


There are no tricks, just pure logic, so good luck and don't give up.

1. In a street there are five houses, painted five different colours.
2. In each house lives a person of different nationality
3. These five homeowners each drink a different kind of beverage, smoke different brand of cigar and keep a different pet.


1. The Brit lives in a red house.
2. The Swede keeps dogs as pets.
3. The Dane drinks tea.
4. The Green house is on the left of the White house.
5. The owner of the Green house drinks coffee.
6. The person who smokes Pall Mall rears birds.
7. The owner of the Yellow house smokes Dunhill.
8. The man living in the centre house drinks milk.
10. The man who smokes Blends lives next to the one who keeps cats.
11. The man who keeps horses lives next to the man who smokes Dunhill.
12. The man who smokes Blue Master drinks beer.
13. The German smokes Prince.
14. The Norwegian lives next to the blue house.
15. The man who smokes Blends has a neighbour who drinks water.



Haha. . I can solve it leh!

Does that make me the top 2% of the intelligent Homo sapiens species?

Its not surprising anyway. . ^_^

On route to solving the answer. .

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A conversation with a friend went like this today:

XX: she drives nw.. mitsibishi colt.
Me : fuck man, i m a loser. . damn it
XX: y? she earns $3k/mth leh..
Me: y y y ?
XX: anw, it's neva practical to compare such kind of thing. stupid..
Me: am i such a failure, slog like mad . . work like hell, still earn less. .
XX: u define success as having cars, etc.. so u think u failed..
XX: dun be a fool to think this way
Me: its not been successful anot, its always like this out there. .people tend to compare ur material wealth mre than anything
XX: y fa ll into such category, u shld be sensible enuff
Me : i got no choice bro, its like this out here.
XX: u hav a choice
Me:u have the $$, u r the king
XX: dun be crazy
Me:no $$ no talk. .serious!
XX: u shld adjust ur thinkin . . . .
XX: eugene... pls dun scare me.. not the "truth" thing.. but u.. r u still eugene
Me: sorry. .but deep dwn its really me. .i really yearn to drive big cars, have load shit of $$, and have ppl to respect me. . sorry if i sound damn suerficial. . hehe

Am i not right?
Money DO get u to places..

On a lighter note, browse thru a forum today and this was what some ppl are posting!

Know her?

Yes, Xiaxue aka YanYan aka Wendy Cheng

and since she always boast bout her photoshopshop skills, this was wad sm forumers decided to show her instead. .

Wahahahhaha..isnt tat jus funny? hahaha


Planet of the Apes. . ha hah ah a

Sun Wukong. .I just cant stop laughing. .

Err. . I know! Dolphin! Hahhaha. .the power of photoshop.


This is it. . hope this can happen in real life. .wahahahaha

Hahaha...shld be a model for all our recruits in Tekong. .

Not surprising. . hehehhehe

"Nuff said.

Enjoy while it last.

Disclaimer:The above pics are not done by me. Its posted in sm forum and i decide to post here for the enjoyment of the readers here. Its all done in the name of fun and pls do not see if u are offended by it. . hahahahaha

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hi friends.

As some of you know, I jus embarked on a Cambodia Volunteer Work not too long ago.

Together with 11 of my teammates, we came back totally changed from the experience there.

So in order to substain our work there, we have launched a fund raising campaign.

Basically our group is call SINGAPORE LAH, meaning Singapore Lend A Hand.

The benificiary of this whole campaign will be a hospital in Cambodia call CCMH, Center for Child Mental Health. As the name suggests, its a center for the mentally disabled children in Cambodia.

If you dont know, Cambodia was ravaged in the late 1970s by a person call Pol Pot. This tyrant together with his band of soldiers called themselves the Khmer Rouge. This military group mastermind and carried out the massacare of more than a million innocent civilians.

Until today, the effects of the dark era is still being felt today, and has affected the later generations.

Health care is never a piority in this country. What ever little budget the govt. has is being channeled to military use and also to corruption. Sad but true.

There are millions of cambodias still lacking of basic healthcare, even in this 21st century.

So we have decide to adopt this little unknown center that seeks to provide basic rehabilitation and care to mentally disabled children. These children are the future of Cambodia and we hope that these young kids will in the end recover and go on to serve their country.

There you have it.

We are looking for volunteers to help us to sell some handicrafts to the public.

ALL funds collected will be use for the benefit of the Hospital.

Your effort will be greatly appreciated by SINGAPORE LAH group, and most importantly the children at CCHM.

Do drop me a mail/comment if you wish to contribute or know more about this project.

FYI, this project is supported by YMCA Singapore, CITIBank Group and Singapore International Foundation.

Thanks for bearing with me for this long post.

A show that is worth all my money.

Good stuff. One of the best I have watched.

The cinematography was topnotch. The storyline n script? Out of the world.

A potent blend of everything. Deceit, lust, greed, hatred. It was just mind blowing. The superb use of colours also attributed to the success of the movie.

It was really like watchin a comic book. There were minimal conversations and alot of narrations, which is a really fresh approach.

Words alone cant describe the beauty of the whole show. Go watch it.

Most importantly, the company was great as well. Thanks pals for the wonderful evening! ;)

Sometime ago on CNA, they reported that CNA placed unattended bags at bus-stops, Raffles Place MRT area and Orchard Shopping areas.

Most people in Singapore simply ignore the bags.........most people seem unconcerned or not curious at all. Nobody call the police.....!! Shocking !!!

So i guess being, well.., Singaporeans, what Sporeans need is incentive.


1. Police give out$20/= voucher for exchanging peanuts at FairPrice for person who first reported about suspicious bags, objects any where anytime in Sunkenpore.

2. Inform Public that to create awareness, Police will place bogus bags etc at every where. Those who reported can get a their toilet tap change to Titatium type, no less.
Included is a complete makeover of the toliet to Italian marble, toiliet seat, and sink, and tiles, not to mention throw in the shower too, no need sliding door. I could very well guess that the winner will want to sit on the 'throne' and feel like a millionare, eating his peanuts.


Friday, July 22, 2005

Spending 23 dollars to buy a 5 million dollar dream.

But it was not to be in the end. Shitz!

Hate taxi drivers who keep talking to me. Jus shut your trap up and concentrate on driving. What? I am suppose to keep u entertained ar, izzit? Screw U!

Or-b-kud, blog kena hacked. Serves you right, you attention seeking whore. Boo! hehehe..huh? who huh?
The blog site kena hacked like wanna die like that.
My harddisk crash a few times also like that. life goes on.

The blogsphere is pretty happening these few days.

Must get my popcorn ready. More (good) shows coming up, I think. I will be keepin my eyes on YOU. My RSS Reader will be my best friend.


Its 2 freakin am. What the hell am i doin here.

Ok..over n out..zzzzz...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Dogs are fiercely loyal to the people they belong to;
humans betray the people they are closest to.

Dogs are fiercely protective over their puppies;
humans commit infanticide.

Dogs will gambol around the people who loves them;
humans kill their closest of kins.

Dogs drool all over people they love;
what about humans?

Shamelessly ripped again...

Signz.. am i THAT bad?
Think about it.. maybe yes. Oh God, save my soul..

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


The number of blogspots blog i read every other day. And this doesnt include blogs with their own domains and those that are hosted with other blog sites.

How funny it is that we are all so interested in other people's life.

Its also amazing to see how blogs have shaped the world around us today. Jus talk about the rexent NKF case. It caused such a big hooha within the blogging community. Almost everyone blogs bout it. Be it

Aiyah..sorry lar.. dunno how to put my thoughts to words. U know what i am trying to say right?

Anway i discovered something new to help keep track of my fav blogs.

U jus put in the URL, and jus like ur Outlook, whenever theres a new post in ANY of the blogs, it will sound off an alarm. hehe , no lar, jus a small beep. It really help save alot of time typing in those address and checkin out for new posts.. its really cool..go check it out..

Anyway on a totally different note, its really disheartening to see far some people can get to attract attention.

Fancy posting crude nude pictures, bordering on pornography..pui!
Mr KS.. shame on you. What a bad example you have set out here.

What has blogging and fame brought to you?


Monday, July 18, 2005

Nothing beats a plate of hot, spicy, super duper delicious fried rice with a nicely fried he bao egg on a cold rainy afternoon.

Being super hungry adds it all up.

Its akin to having a round of hot steamy sex after a month of abstinence. :p


Thats what i call stomach orgasm.


Ok..Back to work.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Its heartening to see my mum trying to pick up IT again.

Since leaving the workforce almost 20 years ago to take care of this family, she has since lost touch with the world, sad to say. I still remember her as a very fast typist. She could effectively type out a 10 page report within a few minutes.

But since giving up the office suit for the apron, she has work relentlessly to make sure we get our hot meals, our clothes washed and everything to make sure the whole family runs smoothly.

Fast forward 20 years later, here she is pickin up the mouse and keyboard again. Why? To search for "ang baos" on the Net. Amazing isnt it? Since starting on her ang bao collection 2 yrs back, she has been tryin all means and ways to look for new and exotic ang baos designs.

And just last week, she has taken her search on the Net.

Whats the white thing on the screen huh?

How to control the white thing?

How to go down the page?

How to see the next page?

Its really amazing, i tell you, what passion can make a person do. Despite the fact she's IT illiterate, the desire to search out all the ang baos she can lay her hands on has make her come out of the shell to pick up a new skill again.

Kudos to the Mum.

Signz, the weekend has come and gone in a flash.

let me see..

BBQ @ Marina South



Round-Island Drive


Dinner at Genki
(so pissed off with the stuff there. Forgot our order. So decided to play around with the staff there and pretented to be angry and talk loudly to the funnny..and from then on all our ordes were served ALMOST IMMEDIATELY.. )

Awwww. . . another great weekend out.

Anyway have a good time at your orientation pal! Had a fabulous dinner and recalling those good old times. Its always sad to hear things are not goin really well in your life... but i guess u jus gotta hang on there yah?

Its gonna b a start of a new chapter n your life and I wish you all the best.

From the bottom of my heart.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

"Hello HQ, this is Captain Susan Long reporting from the frontline.

I am please to inform HQ that Operation Durex has been successfully carried out.

With relentless bombardments from our newly aqquired SPH fighter planes, equipped with the latest ST missiles. Led by Commanding Officer Davinder Singh, merciless raids by our SGers Netizens Infantry troops, Objective at Knoll(a small hill) NKF is now secured and ready for base setup again.

Intelligence Officers have told me how enemy soldiers have shit in their pants while running away, not knowing what had hit them. And in their panic, they left behind 8 Benzs, a gold-plated tap(which looks totally FUGLY) and a German imported toilet bowl.

Cash amounting up to 200 million dollars are found stashed in the basement below. There were unanimous decision to divide the money among the common citizens, since this money were originally plundered from their homes.

Unconfirmed reports have also come in that tyrant TT had been pushed back to Afganistan and is ready to seek asylum there.

Sir, the troops are at your disposal and is ready to defend this land when called upon to.

United we stand, Divided We fall

Over and out"

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Whoever did this

Fugging Good job
Well done and keep it up.

Even our super heros are celebrating
Pls click the above link to sign a petition to oust this Durai from power.

On a side note, now I know how SPH manage to win this defarmation suit with ease. It all boils down to their man in the court room..Senior Counsel Davinder Singh

Darth Vader

There you have it. Name decoded.
For SPH, Fight this battle I will..

Now that the case has ended, time for a summary

Susan Long
Credit to Susan Long for investigative journalism couched as a commentary. Her source was outstanding.

Appears to be living in a world of his own. His only argument was that it was not a gold tap and that it was $990 and not $1,000. Had no clue about morality, integrity and fair play. Using the suffering of the unfortunate to feather his nest and that of his family. Had no clue that giving his wife a car whose expenses were paid by donors is inherently wrong and evil.

NKF Board

Failed as a governing body in fulfilling its mission. Mislead the public by making false and misleading statements on more than one occasion.

Obviously had no clue what the organisation was doing at all.

Davinder Singh
Lead Defence CouncilOutstanding litigator who was given a god sent opportunity to display a masterful stoke of offensive litigation while in the defendent's camp. Took the plaintiff down the garden path and made him clean up the leaves, trim the roses and bag the refuse voluntarily.

Tan Lee Meng
Judge Screwed the shit out of NKF for throwing in a fresh claim for damages at the start of the trial and awarding cost. After that was on autopilot as Plaintiff proceeded to hang himself in slow motion. No judgement required

As usual had absolute monopoly of the media and used it to maximum benefit. Smart enough to pick Susan Long who has yet to write a single friendly piece on the Lee regime despite her long tenure and highly credentialled background.

Mr Tan
The sub-contactor and sourceMay you live a long and healthy life. Instead of taking the money for the job, your scream at Kim Keat that fateful day in 1994 took 11 long years but it did more than bunch of imbeciles in Parliament to correct a wrong


Despite huge reserves that could take them for 30 years without raising a single cent based on current operating financials, you continued to mislead the public. You had only 2,000 patients but gave the impression that there were thousands more. Pui!

It was also sad to learn that 78% of the patients cost was paid by the patient himself with only 22 actually coming from NKF. It must be the biggest single ripoff that I ever seen. You guys are worst than lowlife.

The Government
Had failed miserably in allowing mismanagement of this magnitude for so long.

The ablove is shamelessly ripped..:)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

When ask by reporters how he felt about the ongoing NKF-SPH fiasco, this is what one of our high-profiled minister had to say..

What happen? I dun know. No comments lah.

Nation Day and Election coming, you know.

Singapore's reputation under my rule must be like a shinning armour.

See more millionaires and higher GDP and Singapore limelight in IOC.

I only hear and deliver the good news.

SPH, stop stirring up shit.

No more bad news for now. Let the running dogs out.

NKF, start clearing up your shit.

Yes, Mrs (Lau)Goh and your shit.

For these, you and your crooks will donate one kidney each. And I want THAT gold water tap moved to my toilet by tomorrow morning.

Good Day! ^_^

Sunday, July 10, 2005

After an uncontrollable urge, I shot it out.

It landed right on the spot where i had took aim at.

It landed on the head, and subsequently on the chest as well.

It turned out to be messy, as i had learned from others beforehand.

And i soiled myself in the process.

I put on a faint grin, and this sense of satisfaction came upon me.

I wanted to use a tissue to clean myself up, but the urge came upon me almost immediately

And soon i was doing shooting it over and over again.

PAINTBALL was fun! Hehe..
What were you thinking man?

And when I dont have to pay a single cent for it, it was doubly SHIOK!

Had a extremely fun weekend.

War of the World is shit!
I even compete with a friend to see who dozed off less thru out the show.

Nobody won. Hehe

I cant play pool for nuts.
Thrashed 10-1, and 8-0 consectutively. But i enjoyed it.

Blading was even better.
With the sun, the bikini babes, what more can i ask for?

Life is good....for now.

Oh wow, I'm so proud, IOC gives s'pore a 6/6 for holding the IOC meeting.

This calls for a celebration, hope they declare every 6 July a national holiday to commemorate the biggest event in sg.

Just like National Day, Christmas Day, Labour Day, we'll name this holiday as IOC Day


July 9, 2005

I READ the report that two ex-Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) regulars will be discharged from service following their conviction and sentencing for their involvement in the dunking incident ("CJ raises jail terms of commandos", July 8) with concern.

I do not wish to question the wisdom of the court in meting out its sentence. The judgement has been passed and those responsible are being punished accordingly.

But why does the SAF make it a general rule to discharge regulars who have served jail sentences?

These two servicemen are decorated soldiers of our elite commando forces. Not only have they served the nation well up to this point, but they will most certainly be well-equipped to give many more years of service. It is also clear to me that neither of them had set out intentionally for the tragedy to occur.

In the spirit of the Yellow Ribbon Project — calling for the employment of ex-convicts — should the SAF not consider accepting these men back on the basis of their past contributions, their elite skill and knowledge in military craft?

And the fact that their common experiences over this unfortunate incident would now make them better officers?

The Government must make itself a role model for helping to re-integrate ex-convicts back to society. It should believe in the Singapore Prison Service's rehabilitation efforts.

It must not be perceived to be applying double standards.


DECORATED? Decorate my fucking darn arse!

The only GOD DARN THING CJ forgot to "decorate" was their backside!

Private sector sacked their staff who goes to prison anyway. Why should SAF be different?

What decorated soldiers? Did they fight in a war? Did they sacrifice for Singapore?

No lah, they went for extra pay and more possibilites of career advancement...

Be real.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Freakinly funny Guy

I almost laugh my head off while watching him

This is only the tip of the iceberg of what this guy is capable of.

Please do not watch if u are offended by racist jokes


Signz..what has fame done to her?
I would jus sack the photographer/stylist/editor all together..
Major fashion faux pas. ST is totally screwed up.

Then again....
Music director,international artist, shop owner, mother, wife.Where got much time left for GOD.


Just cant help it..

I had wanted NYC to win..but...
I would expect Paris to win. becos..

For political reason, Chirac is antiwar whereas Blair is a crony of Bush admin.

For social reason, the wives of the olympic memebers may prefer Paris for holiday rather than the boring London.

But alas, Chirac is overconfident and arrived late.

Blair played his sincerity well.

By the way, what has Beckham got to do with this? He is not even a Olympic medalist.

Watching the highlights of the IOC meeting, the greatest disgrace is when Jacinta A sang the Singapore anthemn.

What has the Singapore national anthemn got to do with the Olympics.

If so..shouldnt they be singing the anthems of the 5 bid cities as well?

Bad taste and disgrace...shows that the singapore organizers don't even know what the right protocol for an international show is.

Just fixated on maximizing publicity.

Crude...just like their pappy masters.

Opps..hope i dont get called up and have tea with..err.. ___________(fill in your own garment stat board here).

But on a different note,

Should let SIngapore host the olympics because WE ARE GOING TO THE WORLD CUP in 2010!!!


I am a fucking bastard.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Eugene, can you pls come out for a while?
Shit...what happen? Look Serious man..

We talk in the room..
Damn..let me recall what have i done wrong.

Eugene, I got something to tell you.
Ok..whatever it is..i am sorry bout it....ok?
Sometimes i can b such a blur mispacing the room key..(really! It happen jus last week)

Na...heres a little something from the company.
WTF, letter of termination ar? So fast..only 1 month leh..
Talk about self confidence here...

The management feels that you have done a good job for the ...... Heres a little appreciation from us.
WAD!!!!??? Did i hear wrongly?
A cheque of $XXX??? (hehe..sorry)
Never in a million years I would xpect this

We think you have worked really hard for this.... and we are please with it...(something along that line lar)
OMFG! I was jus doin my job thats all..what have i done to deserve it?

Last time i would have said "Thank God"..but now i would say.."Eugene, you are just fuckin lucky"

Anyway i would like to thank my colleagues who thinks so highly of me.

I am flattered.


Met a friend later for Sakae dinner. And she got a treat..

She met me at the right time.

Monday, July 04, 2005


I love being tall...or for the matter of fact...taller than the people around me.

In fact i dun consider myself human standards.

I hate it when people always say.."wah you very tall leh", or "wah how tall are you", or "wei, i dun like to stand beside u, u r so tall"

Hello! Get that clear ok? I am NOT are SHORT!

I am only a humble 1830 mm tall..

But then again, when 90% of your fellow country men are alot less than that height, its always an advantage.

Fresher air.

Better view

You get to "look down" on ppl.

Ur self confidence gets a shot in the arm

U can bald in your head and no one will ever notice.

You need not jost for space when attending crowded concerts, jus see from the back can already lar.

You get to see one end of the train to the other, even at peak hours. How many ppl can booast of that?

You dun have ppl yawning at your face.

Hur hur hur...can u beat that?

It feels good to be a absurdly unreasonable bastard at times .. making fun of short people....


The friend whom i watch Initial D with had this to say:

The first thing you realise about the show is that Jay Chou is OBVIOUSLY more famous than Edison Chen who is CONFIRM CHOP more famous than Shawn Yue because Jay Chou Kicks everyone ass( and looks BORED while he does it), and Edison Chen kicks Shawn Yue's ass and Shawn Yue kicks his own ass and loses to every single cock in the show.

No wonder they don't get along. I mean, if I were Shawn Yue I would hate Edison Chen too.

But that's not the funny part, if you watch the show carefully, you would realise that Jay Chou will probably have less than two pages worth of actual TALKING in the show.

Most of the time he just LOOKS COOL!

When he washes cars he looks cool, when he drives he looks cool.

Even when he is choking he looks cool. WTF!

And his Script consists of sentences that are three words long. (FIVE ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM)"

Wo2 Zhou3 Le4."

"Kan4 Zhe4 Ban4 Ba4"

"Ni3 Hu2 Shuo1"

It's damn retarded! And he has one expression throughout the entire movie!

And the one scene when he finds out that his girlfriend is a prostitute and he is SUPPOSED to be CRYING in the car he looks like he is trying to decide what to buy for dinner.

I rest my case.

It fuggin rained in the morning.

I say there should be citerias to b met before it can rain.

Anyone up there who is controlling the rain, pls read on.

  1. It shld never rain on a working day
  2. Rain, if any on a working day, should stop by the time i am ready to leave the house.
  3. Rain, if any on a non-working day, should stop only when i had enough of my masculine sleep.
  4. Rain, if any on a non working day, should be accompanied by strong howling winds, with very dark clouds, to simulate night again, and my body cant tell the difference, and my brain would jus continue to shut off.
  5. No thunder pls. I am afraid of them. Serious!
  6. I dont like drizzles. Want to come, come a big one. Dont be like a pussy and come abit here n there.

Pls pls pls....can-a-not? *puss-in-boots looks*

Sunday, July 03, 2005

l learnt the meaning of life ... again..

thru roller blading that is..

before u hit the back button and try to brush it as another nosensical post... so be it.

Puttin on the pair of blades and tryin to stand still for the 1st few second is like being independent on your own.

It feels funny.

It feels as if u r gonna fall off anytime.. but u jus gotta get use to it.

With wheels at ur feet, it makes travelling faster..but 1st u goota learn to adapt. Jus like changing to a new job, or b it anything new...

As i begin to blade and blade, i realise "hey, isnt this life is like?"

Downhill at some point, Uphill at some point..

when downhill, Things gets a bit easier and we tend to relax.

Uphill, we jus goota push abit harder..and endure till the end and the reward is satisfying. But it doesnt stop there. Beyond tat hill lies a even bigger hill. U just cant rest ur laurels and say " I made it"

Then at some point, things get abit wobbly and it looks as if u gonna fall. But we jus have to change our stance and regain balance again.

Just like in life, things might seem destined to fail, but jus change the way u do things and the results will b different. Fools are those who do things the same way and expects different results.

Half way thru, i fell

Fell heavily i did.

I cant sit there and cry. I gotta pick myself up agaain. Pain, it was. But at least i know i learnt something. I learnt another way how to fall. and not to do it again.

But i did not pick myself up on my own. Friends did.

Without their help, i would have taken 5 times longer to stand up. THe importance of friendship.

Even passerby stopped to help.

Even in life, ppl might jus unexpectly come in and give u the little nudge or push.

Friends. What would become of me without them?

It was tiring. I took a break. and i found myself blading better after it.

Rest we must, to live to fight tomorrow.

Take tat little time to enjoy the beautiful things in life.

Our body is not to be abused. Take little breaks to go on longer.

Life, it seems, is a path of winding roads. Uphills and downhills. Full of potholes.

Who said life was ever easy?

Cliche or even gayish it might sounds, but tats wat i realise while blading..SERIOUS!

I can sometimes be quite philosophical one HOR!

I'd like to build the world a home
And furnish it with love
Grow apple trees and honey bees and snow-white turtle doves

I'd like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
I'd like to hold it in my arms and keep it company

I'd like to see the world for once
All standing hand in hand
And hear them echo through the hills
"Ah, peace throughout the land"

I'd like to teach the world to sing I'd like to hold it in my arms and keep it company
In perfect harmony

Id like to build the world a home
And furnish it with love
Grow apple trees and honey bees and snow-white turtle doves

A coke anyone?
D/l the song here....

Why do i always do things that i say i will never do?

I said I will never watch Initial D...

but i caught it today. i shall attempt to do a little review here. ..all young gals out there.if u do not want to see any JAY bashing, pls click on the back button immediately... :p

To me, the show is jus like another over-hyped thing. It looks more like a MTV to me than a movie.

A Jay Chou MTV that is.

U can jus blank out all the dialogue, put in some JAY-RAP music, and it could pass off as Jay's latest MTV. Notice how i said JAY's MTV. Not Edison, not Shawn.. But seriously i really pity these 2 guy. Havin to play second fiddle to this little guy here.

But then again.. when i think of Hollywood's Racing shows, (Gone in 60 secs, Torque, Too fast Too Furious), Initial D really got alot of catching up to do.

Only 3 or 4 cars to show for.

The cars are jus so plain looking

'nuff said

No babe factor

The same old racing route , Mount-dunno-wat

No obvious story plot, its jus Jay, Jay and more Jay

How the hell Japanese speak such fluent Chinese / Cantonese

The bad guys look fugly

I suspect this show is jus meant for Jay as a stepping stone to launch his acting career.

But i mus admit Jay look damn cool.

I think he wasnt acting at all, he's just being himself

Oh man, I m jealous. Bleah!

And his short answers as well.

May b i should try it on my Dad's Altis..hehe..dun play play ok.oso Toyota what!

Wah lau..Jay..y mus u copy my style?
Fucker.... somemore look so fierce...y cant b like me? smile smile lar...

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Fucking good show

A few tears sneaked its way down my cheeks

LOve is cruel

Good things never last

But thats the whole beauty of life isnt it?

Watch it...and let the floodgates open!

*ok, heres the "Be with Me" challenge..if anyone of u catch the show and u sincerely think that its not worth your money AT ALL, I will pay u back the tix price in full! haha..yah..tats joke...jus try me..*


Its such a weird thing

It keeps you thinking

It keeps you wanting

It keeps you worried

It keeps you pondering

It keeps u sane

It drives you nuts

It makes you happy

It makes you sad
Like it or not, everyone needs LOVE.

Be it parental love, brotherly love, sister love, Lover's love, teacher's love

You need it.

So, What exactly is LOVE?



3 deaths in 2 weeks

1 of them my very own friend

2 friends have died in the line of duty in the past year

WAD the fuck the army is doin...KNNBCCB..I fuckin hate the army.

I hate Army for disruptin my life

I hate Army for everything

Army is fuck

I hate Reservists. I hate IPPT. I hate Mobilisation. I hate applyin for exit permits

Y must the Army b like a fuckin dog? Hounding on me and biting on me, refusing to let go even i have given them two fuckin years of my life.

Pls wake ur fuckin idea!

Those fuckin regulars can jus do our job...since they love the army so much..

Hound them...not me..

Sorry for all the fucks..becos i really think the army is FUCK!


ok..enough of the sad story..*wipe tears*..

Weeeee! It has been a gr8 few months!

ANL friends have never been more fun!

Cambodia Project is taking off!

Bangkok was a eye opener

And a new job to boot!


For now let me jus take things slowly

But in a nutshell, things have been goin well.
New Job,
Rekindling NEW friendship,
a NEW dimension to a old friendship,
NEW laptop,
and hopefully a NEW love soon..

How bout that?

I wanna say its really some amazing time spent with some AMAZING ppl..

my good talk cock buddy, Mr Lak, Mr Vin, Mr Gan. U guys jus rock. I salute u all!

my good gal pals: Rach, Steph, Cand, Cora..oh n hw can i forget Claine? Standin by me when everything jus screw up, and not judgin me...Dun worry, i wont forget the times in NYP. and Jing Ying..for sharing your plans with me..askin me for advice..i tell u..i m really flattered...thank u..

my BESTEST of Friend: Mr Yong SQ..i tell u, HE's E MAN! If theres smone i will lay my life for, it HAS to b him. He's jus there matter wat. Words alone cant describe our friendship..Pri 5 tiill now...'nuff said

Pls pls pls...dont let the good times end. I am so afraid friends will leave me, friendship disappearing over time..pls pls pls..i beg of u guys...dont leave me alone ok? I am afraid of the dark.....REALLY!


I told myself i wont do it..but temptation just got the better of me

I thought this wont be happenin to me again.. but it did

I had told everyone else i dont like it..but i do it in the end

Ladies n Gentlemen..I revived my blog..abiet a different address..

Truely, Madly..

After readin 123934923093 blogs for the past months, my hands were itchin again..

I realise the need to write down my thoughts, to tell my friends what i would not dare to say face to face.

First my MS9805 friends n buddies..I can only say sorry. A pathetic sorry is what i can muster so far. I m sorry how a broken relationship had affected so many people. I can only say I am ashame, ashame of myself. Ashame of what i have done to her and to u guys. I had only one request.

To say I AM HER that is. If by any chance YOU are reading this,

For hurting you

Just wanna say again..I love U..always n matter if u remember me or not..

Moving on from here. Let the past 2 yrs b a sweet memory close to our heart.

If u wish to.

I had always fear meetin u on the street. Would u run away? I will..because i am guilty.

And i m ashame to look at u again..

If u ever see me on the street, jus turn away ok?

Closing this chapter, with a kiss.

Dont let me dream of u again..pls..

I hate to dream of u and find u gone when i wake up.

Loving you...