Monday, December 11, 2006

Xin Chao

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Vietnam Adventure

Stay tune. .

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saigon Saigon!

Pre Trip Thoughts

I'm filled with anticipation as I'm writing this.

I'm finally going to Vietnam! Since I only have a few days here, I intend to have a blast of a time and explore Vietnam.

My mind is actualy quite a blank right now. The only thing I am thinking now is I have not left out anything in my packing list. Passport, Airtixs. .etc etc

Thanks peeps for the nice words there. .it certainly felt better after reading your comments. .=)

Alrity, I will be back 8 days later. .

Till then. .

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Today I just received a email from my Finance Dept addressing to everyone. .

In her exact words

Dear All,

Payday for the month of Nov06 will be delayed till Dec 2 due to some unexpected delay in collections.

Once again, apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Kiss My Ass.
You dont do such things to your employees.

Delay in collections? Screw your sales staff and managers. They are not doing their job and not pushing for sales. Don't make their problem my problem.

We all have bills to pay, loans, financial commitments and families to feed

This is the 2nd time in a row our pay has been delayed.

I am a simple man.
I don't expect to be paid big bucks or what. I will put in the work required and do what is expected of me. But when the Corporation start taking things for granted and sends you emails like this, you know it isn't worth it anymore.

Ever since the merger, things have just been going down hill.

No more Meet-the-CEO sessions where we can air our views, no more one big family together. The human touch is just gone.

Office politics galore. People are just backstabbing each other as if its a competition to see who has the most kill at the end of the day. One of the manager even told a staff that there are no friends in an office.

Just recently I just found out 2 co-workers bitching about each other in their own blogs. One calling the other a bitch and the other calling the other a loose woman, sleepin around.


To say that I regretted rejecting the previous job offer is probably a understatement. I have to admit its my mistake, a wrong move.

Its time to move on, definitely.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Back home for the halftime break from reservist.

It has been. .emm. .well. .more of like a school camp than InCamp Training.

My typical day:


Oooh. .did I mention sleep?

Probably the most interesting thing we did was reciting the pledge on the first day.

we, the citizens of PAP Singapore,
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of foreign talents Race, bus hikes Language or GST hikes Religion
to build a communist Democratic society
based on fare hikesJustice and foreign talents Elitism
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and
progress for PAP our Nation.

Dammn. .must be those "good news" i have been reading in the papers . .

Back again on Tuesday. .watch out!!

Monday, November 13, 2006


Bye bye

Goin to serve my farking reservist again.

3 more wks to vietnam.. counting down. .

Monday, November 06, 2006


Don't ask me why.

Damn. I haven't posted in three months. I know everyone out there was totally worried about me and disappointed that I wasn't posting anything. And Ms Evil Blythe had threaten to take me off her bookmark.

Oh ya, and thanks for the ONE comment asking why I hadn't posted.

I'd love to tell you I've been exceptionally busy (I've been having dates with work), or that I have had no inspirations (I've had some, but obviously nothing so burning it forced me to write).

In general, I've just not been in the mood for writing of late.

Anyways, the reports of my demise were greatly self-exaggerated.

Thanks for being patient; here endeth the hiatus.


1) Vietname and Hongkong in Dec!!
This one reallllllly got me excited despite the fact that i got 1 ICT to go through before the fun begins.

2) I got a hot pink phone!!

3) I got a Mac!!

Anyway, to prevent this blog from resembling a mere shrine to my own materialism, some things did not really turned out the way I liked.

4) I got bloody charged by SAF for defaulting on IPPT when i obviously took it during my last incamp. I reckon this deserve a post on its own which i am goin to rant and whine about.

5) Reservist next week without my buddies. .I am just going to be soooo dead alone inside.

6) Work really sucks, big time. I wish i had jus taken up the job offer the last time.

How bout that to sum up my past 2 months? I know it sounds rather mudane, but thats the best my life has to offer at that moment. .I mean it isnt that interesting to begin with in the 1st place.

25 more days to go.

1 fabulous trip.

I hope you are looking forward to it as much as i do.

2nd of Dec. Wait for me.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Getting Ready

Roads on the highway have been re-laid. Pots of flowers were aesthetically arranged on all sides of the roads. Unsightly construction works were hidden from view by placing strategically pots of plants in front of freshly painted metal fences. The city is ready to welcome its guests from IMF and World Bank with our 4 million smiles.

The IMF and WB delegates get perks that Singaporeans have not enjoyed - GRS system for buses, nicer scenary with flowered plantations, better customer service from taxi drivers and retail staff (since they has gone for training);

But guess what?? Inconveniences is what we get in return.

Even before the meetings can start, Singapore has already faced its first major stumbling block.

The IMF and World Bank on Friday issued an unprecedented rebuke to Singapore over a ban on accredited activists invited to attend the annual meetings of the two financial institutions next week.

If Singapore systems and as a country is that fragile and cannot withstand peaceful and civil protest and demostrations then I do not think Singapore can withstand the test of any war or violent conflicts. SAF should just close down and stop wasting resources and time.

I think after years of nation building, we should be more resilient than that or else a breeze alone can cripple Singapore. How chaotic can civil demostrations be as compared to the chaos brought by NEL and MRT breakdowns ???

After 40 years, we are still debating about national identity and of Singapore being hotel or country. I think PAP has failed to deliver Singapore as a country but has succeeded in delivering Singapore as a settlement and a place good for business. It is not good for anything else. In that case, I can choose anywhere else as Singapore is not the only place in the Global World good for business.

Well, I hope that security would not be so blady zealous that anyone entering City Hall MRT would be subjected to a ridiculous security screening to 'ensure the safety of the delegates' thingy.

Yes, cos I'll need to go past City Hall.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Blaming the stingrays

One of the sick ironies in life, being such an animal lover.

He's a good bloke with that famous catchphrase "Crikeyy!". What a huge lost, for us and for his animals.

I hope his children gets to know what kind of a man their father was. He at the very least, deserves that.

And for me, I'll always remember that scene of him running from a komodo dragon. It takes much more to go up close to a komodo dragon, and he's one of the few that did, and survived that.

The man may be gone but his legacy will live on. His passion for the environment and all creatures great and small has influenced a whole generation.

In my impression of his shows, he will always just take off his shirt and wear a goggle then jump to the sea, no protection or anything else.

Always make me sweat for him, now really sad hes gone.

He's a great guy... damn entertaining... sad way to end ur life...
Remember he always like to say "ain't she a beauty!!".... "she's gorgeous!!" his thick Australian accent.

RIP Steve Irwin.

Australia has lost a great icon

The stingray that killed him should be chopped into pieces ALIVE and BBQed with chilli!!!

I am on a one week stingray eating spree!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Welcoming FTs

For the past few weeks we can see how the gahment and Straits Times is trying to push its agenda.

Glamourising Foreign Trash Talents(FT) (china-born chap becomes SAF officer), FT makes Sinkapore more cosmopolitan. Citing how FT can normalise population issues, and making immigration policies more lenient (visit Immigration building if u have the time) etc.

Now that the policies are in placed, we should start thinking how to make these FT feel welcomed. Even if you disagree with it, can also help to brainstorm for others to do.

If a FT move next door, you can:

1. Offer your subscribed copy of Straits Times to him/her FOC, so that they can know how fortunate they are to be in Sg and make Sg their homes.

2. Switch on your WiFi modem 24/7, give them free access to show Sg is a intelligent wired country and they can contact their friends overseas FREE.

3. Offer to water their plants, wash their corridors and be their dog, oops, i mean walk their dog to make their living environment comfortable.

4. Volunteer to guard their homes if they feel any imminent threats(eg from Ah Long). With the NS training you received, you are more than able for the task. On Guard!!

5. Invite them to your homes to watch EPL/WC matches on your cable subscription. Remember, the matches are free in their homeland. Better still, duplicate a set of your house keys so that they can come and watch as and when they want.

We now genna so jelat is also because of them. Really giving us more pressure.

No doubt these Foreign Talent force us to progress...but i think our local elites are not balancing it very correctly. Don't forget "We are Singapore!" not "Foreignpore"

We as locals should get some protection. Instead i see that these outsides are helped and later given citizenship. Benefiting from the foundations we and our fore fathers have worked hard for.
Now is just the begining very soon we will be taken over...! Even the "chickens" are foreign talent.

Maybe we Sillyporean also have a problem....we humhiam this hiam that ... even chicken need foreign talent.

So may i suggest we also get foreign talent to be in the government. Cos this is the only area we have yet to explore in greater detail.

Get a Swedish fellow to be Minister of Sports, then like them maybe we can go WC.
Get an Ex-Iraqi to be Minister of defence then can fight in FIBUA
Etc....don't laugh.....this maybe the key to Sillypore's success in Future of foreign TALENTS and LOCAL elites!

Talking about making mistakes, a few nights ago, I saw on tv the PM of Korea apologising to the public because of the illegal gambling dens that are in operation around town and near schools, and vowed to close them all down.

How humble.

Now, when did we ever see singapore ministers apologise for anything at all? They only know how to say "on hindsight..."

A wrong is a wrong.... but our very talented govt can make a wrong into a right... i guess korea does not have such talents, so LL have to apologise lor... haha...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Getting hot on a tuesday morning

Remember when you are young how your parents tell you that telling lies is bad for you? Like you will go to hell, ur nose growing longer and your tongue getting cut off and all that shite?

Well, i guess times are different now. Telling lies, especially white ones do get you to places!

On a different note,







Monday, August 28, 2006

Being Cock-ed

singapore alot of cock people...

I guess tat will be e last mms sent by her.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Mr brown, may i just comment that you got big balls.

Yes. hot and fresh. hope it stays online for good... but i have a bad feeling about the repurcussions that this podcast might bring.

I sort of scared that mr brown will get into trouble for this... making fun of pm is no joke.

He's talented like what our PM described him.
Give the man a tiger,he's really brave.

I think LHL will be veri veri tulanzzz Mr Brown now.

And he call himself PM of singapore?
Arent PM suppose to know Singaproe better than anyone else?

So we're allowing ppl who dun understand/know singapore to guide us..
Hmm.. interesting!!

Wait wait, or maybe not hawker center mee siam?

Perhaps those expensive mee siam in hotels/restaurant does have hum? Anyone can confirm this?

Really throw face manz!! And most funny is that the floor actually laughed with him!!
Dunno if the audience laugh with him or laugh at him... haha. Wonder if the Malaysian ministers fell off their chairs when they heard this.

The mee siam man is gonna ask him, "Explain why you tell me you say don't want the hum when my mee siam inside is all along never put the hum?"

After enjoying the humour, lets all pray for mr brown.

I'm sure he'll get marked some way or another.
But you know what?

Its really entertainment that makes some sense.

Seriously Mr Lee can really sing.
"talkingcock mai hum, mai hum mai hum mai hum.."

Wahahaha!! well done mr brown!!!! Thumbs up for ya!!!!

SG need more local talented ppl like you!! Not some Foreign Talent shit!!!

Come on lets support mr brown!

Put ur hands into the air and sing mai hum mai hum mai hum
Pls swing ur hands left and right while singing

mai hum_lite 19 sec 304 kb
mai hum full version 1:09 min 1.06mb
mai hum x 5 recommended sms tone 3 sec 62.3 kb
mai hum x 01 sms tone 0 sec 14.9 kb
"i will say, mee siam mai hum" 3 sec 52.9 kb
"i will say extention, includes mai hum x 5, female x 5, mai hum x 5" 15 sec 241kb

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Getting brainwashed

I find it very annoying... every channel i switch i see the speech...

yes! its important but i think there is No need for ALL mediacock channels to show cast the speech for example.. mediacock is showin 2 chinese channels for that speech!! channel U and channel 8! wtf?

Is that Necessary ?

I wish somone would tell him that.

I hate to listen to his wayang speech on 'relaxing' and 'opening' our society when the MIW themselves are doing the opposite, and yet all the fu(king channels are showing his speech.

Finally switch off the TV and come to the partisan internet, and finally found peace.

Later channel new asia and channel 5 is going to show the same things again!

Cant stand it

They DON'T give us any choices!

I rather watch my toe nails grow....

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Celebrating NDP

Hooray! Another billion bucks into our pockets!

As usual, party for elites, area cleaning for us! They got $100M budget for the wayangNDP, but still dare to ask for free labour for area cleaning? Wicked until like this?

Jobs for FTs, Party for Elites, Area Cleaning for NSmen?

Today I want to talk about our National Day that has just passed.

I took part in the NDP twice in my life, both kena-ed during my NS days.

I have alot of things to say about NDP but never knew how. After 2 years, I finally found the words to write.

National Day Parade!

It has become the pap propaganada machine. And the ways we celebrate National Day hasn't been creative.

Its the governemts way of making Singaporeans feel attach to the nation.

Spending huge amount of money to "help us love" this nation and involve with her birthday. Dont u think they confuse and make sure sgians think that PAPy = SG?

Frankly, the money could be put to better use.

My foreign friend said that ndp is quite a waste of money. They dun celebrate so extravagently in their country. we should REALLY just save the money used in the celebrations.

Every yr is the same.

Drills. Fireworks.. Coffin fighter planes fly here n there create pollutions.. some crappy shows and lousy singers singing NDP2006 theme.

I just wish they wont turn our country's national day into a showcase for their trumiphs and successes. But that's what they have been doing all alone.

I was so surprised to see that they actually had the photo of MPs on the National Day Banners which they put on the lamp posts. The PAPy flag was flown side by side the National flag. Isit time for elections again?

From what i remember, they never did that in the past. Now is like campaigning period, with the candidates' photos on the lamp posts.

Hmm whats next?

They are trying very hard to brainwash the kids to equate National Day to PAP day. Wicked or not?

From the picture above, I observe that

1) Portrait of LKY - impressionist North Korean mural style.

2) PAP flag held up by kid.

3) "YOU WILL BE NEXT!" Next to? Next for? Stupid Catholic High morons. I am from Catholic High, so cannot say them.

They say they want to reenact Singapore history. But I can guarantee you the little part about LKY being a Japanese translator for the secret police during the Occupation will be conveniently missing. A void in the historical timeline.

It is not only wicked, but also shameful and untruthful. A blatant attempt to distort history. Seems like they are trying to tell the kids that in Sillypore history there is only PAP, where are WP and Barisan Socialis which also exist at that time?

Ok, so after a long time not blogging, pardon me. I guess I am just a little fustrated with things now that my MRT and bus fares are going to go up very soon. Getting called up to reservist doesnt makes things any better.

Just WTF are they up to?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Let's smile. We have 4 million to spare.
Submit a smile and stand a chance to win these fabulous prizes!

Grand Prize: OSIM iDesire, Intelligent full body massage chair

2nd Prize: A pair of Singapore Airlines Economy Class tickets to Tokyo
3rd - 4th Prizes: A pair of Singapore Airlines Economy Class tickets to Shanghai
5th - 7th Prizes: A pair of Singapore Airlines Economy Class tickets to Hong Kong
8th - 10th Prizes: A pair of Singapore Airlines Economy Class tickets to Bangkok

Truly uniquely Singapore, where your smiles can win you a prize!

"I will do anything to win air tickets."

"OK, don't sue me! I'll smile if you want."

"I will smile! See! Please don't threaten to not give me lifts."

"I can't bear to look. Is this good enough for ya?"

And the seditious kitty who refused to smile:

Siao bo? No way i'm smiling for zhenghu.

It is a sad day, for society has come to the point of such materialism that dangling rewards and carrots is the norm even for something as a simple as a smile, which will still require sincerity from the heart.

Quite xiasway to know that my country has to advocate manners in its own citizens. They enjoy playing the parent role eh.

So what's the difference between this, TOTO, Big Sweep and NKF charity shows? i already can't differentiate.

I pity the people who'd sell their souls to take part in this nation-wide wayang if they just take part for the prizes.
They should have organised this smile campaign on the day Progress package was announced.

Now its too late to get people to smile with all the hikes coming up.

4 million smiles?

I say give them 8 million middle fingers instead.

* n|n(^_^) n|n *

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Wondering. .

Have you ever wondered what love means to a person? What does it mean to you?

Issit seeing your gf/bf everyday means love? or issit you miss someone when you dont see him/her means love?

Abit of everything maybe ... but which is more to you?

To some, love is about seeing the person everyday and missing the person when you dont see him/her is when you see the opposite gender with him/her, you will feel angry .... and alot.

But seeing someone everyday can be just a habit .... missing is because the habit is not being fulfilled and angry when see other girls with him is because of jealousy...... a sense of possesion.

To some, love = his/her other half.. family..and future kids.

Simple as that.

To me, love is love, to give love a definition is to defeat the purpose of loving.
Love is something very profound and deep.

Not even the best professionals of the language can decipher what is love. Humans can only feel and anticipate love, but we cannot explain. as feelings can only be felt, not explained.

If only something as deep as love can be put into words..

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fed! Up with progess!

Applications to increase bus and MRT fares will be submitted by next Tuesday for Public Transport Council approval. The reason being that Diesel cost increasing and the last increase in July'05 was not enough to cover this increase.

Any fare adjustment, if approved, will take effect beginning Oct'06.

(They got no choice leh... )

I hope the pple who applied, approved this move all die. Also not forgetting, the pple who profit from this move.

Staying together... moving ahead......

for all Temasek companies

More to come in the next 4 years

We could protes......


I love my fucking country. .

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Who reads this blog?? is for people with great taste, intelligence, incredible good lookingness, talent, ability, success, grabbing of life.'s for people who know what life's about. They're always entertaining. Delightful to talk to. Sweet, charming, incredibly good in bed.

Virile. They have incredible success with girls, or boys, or both. They're generally just the world's best citizens.

Maybe I'm biased, but I'm definitely right. ;)

You might wonder why am I saying all these of a sudden. .well, because is 1 years old!!

I am farking proud of you!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Being twisted with logic

Chris Martin is a dynamic frontman. He's definitely the focal point, the star of the show without having an "I'm the star of the show" attitude.

It's just what he does when he's in the moment. When he bends low over the piano, it's almost as if he feels he can get closer to the music that way.

Though Chris is undeniably a frontman, you can tell by the way he interacts with his bandmates that he considers himself one member of a band.

It's not just The Chris Martin show.

Believe me, we've screamed, we've applauded, we've swayed, we've swooned. There isn't a voice in the room that doesn't roar.

We have been transported to Coldplay's planet. And it's a nice place to visit. It might be grand to buy a house and try living there awhile.

The bottom line? Coldplay is amazing live. I guess an off night for them is equivalent to the best gig most bands will ever play. Watch this show.

I don't think I'm alone here.

Maybe that's why they're one of the biggest bands in the world.

And maybe that's why some people hate them. I guess it makes sense.

That's the price they have to pay for writing songs with lines like "And the truth is/ I miss you," and "look at the stars/ look how they shine for you."

Some people like to remember all the baggage that those lines carry with them, while for others it's the last thing they want to think about.

I get it now.

Then run, don't walk, to buy tickets to the tour and experience Coldplay in person.
opps. .i forgot its a one night gig only


During the concert

Stranger: Can you take a photo for us?

Me: Oh sure

Stranger: OOh. .thanks!! (begins to pose)

Me: Emmm. . wheres your camera??

Stranger: We dont have one.

Me: . . .

(After which they suggest using my camera and email her the photo(which i still haven done). I say thats a really good way to ask me for my contact. =p)

After the concert

Walking to the MRT station after the concert

Ang Moh: Hi, how do you get to the MRT station

Me: Oh! We are walkin to the MRT station as well, you can follow us.

Ang Moh: Sure!

Me: So where are you guys from??

Ang Moh: We are from the United States and living here for the past 3 months.

Ang Moh: Sorry!

Me: ???

Ang Moh: Sorry for all the mess we have created in this world.

Me: . . .

Monday, July 10, 2006


Germany can only win the World Cup on Odd Decades - they've won in the '50s (1954), '70s (1974) and '90s (1990). It's an Even Decade this year, so the World Cup is out of Germany's reach despite their having home advantage.

Do you know who spoke these words?

So you know who wrote that prediction?

Would you be surprised to know that it was ME? Eugene Zee?

Yes. It was ME. I wouldnt kid with you. On my honour, these words are MINE!!

While there remains the possibility of a Euro 2008 success for Italy, there's another important determining factor - a match-fixing scandal.

In 1982, Italy rocked by match-fixing scandal but they won the World Cup..

This year is also same... so Italy got history going for them...

Do you know who spoke these words and wrote that prediction?

Would you be surprised that, once again, such superior predictory skills can only be directly linked to ME??

Eugene Zee?

You're sayin to yourself right now, "I can't believe Eugene is so astute, intelligent, and inspiring!"

But I am.

Now bow down to ME!!

I say BOW not headbutt u dimwit!!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Being Milked

Peak Period Surcharge
7.00am - 9.30am

Monday - Saturday
5.00pm - 8.00pm

Avoid taking ComfortDelGro taxis during this period.

Distance Fare
1km to 10km
10cts for every 210m

Above 10km
10cts for every 175m

The fare adjustments have been made to help our taxi drivers supplement their incomes.

ComfortDelGro does not intend to increase its taxi rental charges.

Every ride will cost $2.50 when u board the cab.
For every 210m below 10km, it will charge $0.10 instead of the previous $0.10 per 225m.
for every 175m above 10km, it will charge $0.10 instead of the previous $0.10 per 200m

See, they are smart enough to find out how much they need to adjust to milk u to the point where u dun die and yet constantly reach out to be milked some more...

I am so damn pissed already.

So Singaporeans whom are still being milked.... thanks for farking voting for farking progress.

Today, I will make it my personal mission to boycott taxis.

To make my point that Govt must take care of the public that voted for them... and not ensure the interests of the companies that the govt had invested heavily in..

I humbly ask of you , dear reader, to join me too.

For the past few months, I walked about 2km so I can have 1 bus trip lesser.

Not because for exercise or for health sake... but for the fact that I choose not to be milked any further than necessary by these arms of govt.

I got only a few simple questions

1) Why increase transport hikes when SBS/SMRT are STILL MAKING RECORD PROFIT?
2) Do not increase taxi fares, instead lower the taxi rental fee. More ppl will take taxi, the taxi driver will earn more, not the companies directors.

The above solutions are from the avg ppl, hope the smart ass ppl understand it.

I think someone did mentioned before that there is no such thing as free lunch. I guess it applies to money as well. So, they are now taking IT back . . .

My middle finger to them.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Weeping Englishman and glorious Italianos

And is this how a top English footballstar, supposedly a rolemodel for millions of aspiring young kids all over the world, should behave after gettin send off???

Venting your fustration on your own pysio is certaining not going to help your cause.

The players look like they've seen god descend from heaven.

Wake up ROOney, England is NEVER good enough for the world cup, red card or not.

Even your team mates are laughing at u. .

For those who believe in Statistics, ITALY is going to win the world cup this year. .

1970: Brazil (Latin America).

1974: Germany (Europe).

1978: Argentina (Latin America).

1982: Italy (Europe).

1986: Argentina (Latin America).

1990: Germany (Europe).

1994: Brazil (Latin America).

1998: France (Europe).

2002: Brazil (Latin America).

Which means there should be a European winner in 2006.

Portugal and France won't win it because both have aged midfield stars, an aging defence and goalkeepers who commit suicide with their teams' chances - one likes to punch the ball when he can catch it and enjoys being a spectator during free-kicks and corners while the other likes a sliding tackle when using his hands to get the ball would do just fine.

Germany can only win the World Cup on Odd Decades - they've won in the '50s (1954), '70s (1974) and '90s (1990). It's an Even Decade this year, so the World Cup is out of Germany's reach despite their having home advantage.

While there remains the possibility of a Euro 2008 success for Italy, there's another important determining factor - a match-fixing scandal.

In 1982, Italy rocked by match-fixing scandal but they won the World Cup..

This year is also same... so Italy got history going for them...

OOh. .and one more important factor to note. .

In the year of the Dog since the start of World Cup, only 2 countries win the World Cup.

Brazil & Italy.

Brazil's out, so the winner should be Italy.