Monday, February 27, 2006

Not i racist...but

First we have Brokeback Mountain, then Brokeback Mt Faber, now we have Brokeback MRT!!

I noe hold hands is normal..but this!

That guy was stroking the bangla on his lap leh
They might as well blow each other in public better

Then again, it's better tat they becum gay than come & disturb our local gers....

Aargh. .this is so fugging gay lah!

Happy Times

Happy happpy friends.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Its OK. .

As you get older, you realise...

...that it's ok to ask for help. No man (or woman) is an island, so rather than wallow in self-pity, throw up your arms and scream for a hand.

...that it's ok to be selfish. There comes a time when you have to put yourself at the centre of your universe, and the time is now. Be fair to yourself. Heck, even God's selfish; He wants you to worship Him, and only Him. So who are you to go against the will of God?

...that it's ok to fail. Just as long as you learn from it. In fact, every fall is a step towards success. So go forth and fail!

...that it's ok to be frivolous. The world's complicated enough, why add to the confusion? Take pleasure from the simple things in life. We weren't biologically built to worry about our mortgages you know?

...that it's ok to take a break. The brain's a wonderous machine, but your noodle, like all good machines, can and will burn out. So close your eyes and take a deep, deep breath. Tell yourself, "Tonight, I'm going to do nothing. Nothing is good. Nothing is rest."

...that it's ok to be you.

Are you ok with it??

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

心情 、心晴

这段期间, 我突然消失了。


















this blog

America have Brokeback Mountain, Singapore have "Broken Mount Faber"

miss you... miss you... miss you... Jimmy Dear Dear...

OMG and this one really takes the cake,

we left ard 2am by that time dear and i really getting drunk liao...vinz deardear and i kissed in public which is like OMG coz he never does these things unless he is very very drunk...

But then, It take TONS of courage to actually pen it down and show their pictures to the real world.
.......... They are really deep in love with each other...... All the best lah..........

More gay blogs:

I vow to treat my next gf better. Cannot lose to gay couple!

I am Back

Its such a wonderful feeling to be writing again.

Thanks all for the encouragment.

Life goes on.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


This has been black Monday, 13th Feb 2006, over and out.

I promise to be back soon, stronger.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My funeral

Another bites the dust.

Last week, one of my neighbours living on the 10th Floor passed away. Its sad, but death is a inevitable part of life.

Havin attended 4 funerals all my life so far, I have come to terms that life is fragile.

One moment, I am kicking with life - the next moment, you will find me resting inside a yellow tent at the foot of my block. I told SQ befor, I hate that...not because of death but rather what people would do to me when I am gone. Here are some of those things that I would rather like to have for my funeral:

1) I have never slept in the void deck - and will never. So never put me to rest at my house void deck. It is so upsetting to spend my "goodbye hours" at the cold, hard concrete void deck. I mean the void deck is for those "relac-one-corner" malays to strum their guitar and play their soccer, not for a dead person to spend his finals hours on this earth.

2) No fancy monks chanting songs or some strange Tao-performance (like throwing paper money or Chingay Road Parade), please!

3) Obituaries. At first, I wondered why people "advertise" the death annoucement of their loved ones? Why spent that money... But then, I realised it may be good - so that such "advertisement" will disclaim my loved ones from any creditors / ex-girlfriends / unlisted sons and daughters I may have out there.
(Acceptance of artwork: Death Cert + Freehand file. 1000, Toa Payoh North. News Centre. Credit cards or cash.)

4) Music. Keep them playing in my house 5.1 system. What kind of music... So simple, play those I have in my laptop. Check my itunes.

5) Food. No preference. Just no smoking. ooh, and no alcoholic drinks. .sorry pals

6) Visitors. Okay, this is quite tricky. Cos' my house is small - so I have to be very selective. Please dun invite people that I dun know or have any direct relationship with.I will kinda freak out. I am not a saint or a public-figure...Just my family members, friends and loved ones.

7) Gifts. No blankets, no flowers. Send chocolate, tour packages (for my familiy to chill out/recover), farewell cards (write about how bad/good I have impacted your life), photographs of picture we have taken together (get a big AO cork-sheet board and stick it up), $50/visitor,etc. In return, you can take any 1 item from my collections (xbox games, toys, books, DVDs, CDs, gadgets and my porn collections) as door-gifts after the funeral. Jus dont snatch from each other

9) Attire. Please come in like you are attending a church wedding. It is rude not to RSVP.

10) Bury or Burn? Neither, I dun know, I leave that to myfamily. Cos' I am fearful of fire-burns and decaying bites by awful worms and maggots. Dun mummify me too. It is so unglam.

I will want to leave a peaceful piece of me behind...unburned or decayed. Just keep my memories and voices alive. (Invest in a LCD and store some video footages of me. When some one press the button on the tomb stone, the LCD will be turned on and play the footage.)

Keep a chunk of my hair, tied it nicely and suspend it a air-tight 7cm glass tube vessel. Make it zen, okay. Who knows, they may clone me (from my hair) again in centuries to come.

No matter how my body is being treated after the final day. Just place it near my family and loved ones. I hate to be lonely. (Dun throw my ashes into the big sea - I am not that romantic! I will kill you if you did. You can consider spreading my ashes at Orchard, Yishun, East Coast - my favourite haunts). Make sure you choose a nice scripture for my tombstone. Use font "Arial", size 20 for the writing - "In Memory of Eugene".

We have always been working hard for our life..but give so much little effort for our death. Most time, we troubled our loved ones to prepare for our death. I guess, it may be good if we spend some time doing a "to-do" list for ourselves. Life is so magical. So, let death be easy and well-remembered.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Hog's Breath Cafe

I decided to check out this Hog's Breath Cafe

that I saw on 好吃王 aka Makan King on Channel U... it's located at Chijmes just opposite Raffles City.

Met the girlfriend and we got there around 7pm. There wasn't too crowded, only a few folks, was thinking if it would get more crowded later. It has a cow-boy, rodeo setting, very nice. It has pictures of these cute little pigs hangin all around.

I tell you, service there is TOP-NOTCH! Friendly without being over-zealous. We even had our own personal server!

Was greeted by one of the staff who directed us to our seats, he then handed us the menu and explained to us the different steaks/prime ribs available and whats gd and nice.

lo and behold !! My Lamb-shack topped with the nicest and bestest gravy i ever tasted!!! V V V good!!!! Even the mashed potato is heavenly! The meat is soft and tender. It literally jus melt in your mouth. All it takes are a few chews to savour the full favours of the meat.

The girlfriend had dory-fish with honey-mustard prawns! The prawns are jus orgasm-inducing stuff!! U must ty it to experience it yourself!

The portions I must say are huge! Even a big-eater like me got quite full after i was half-way thru.

Just when we thought thats about it, the waiter recommended *deng deng deng deng* DESSERTS!!!

Apple Crumbles!!!

Wa lao! Its damn damn damn damn good can!!! Check out the sauce at the base of the plate!! Its the soul of this whole dessert!
Forget NYDCs, Olio-Domes, Border's Cafes desserts. .this one beats em ALL!!

Summing up my experience, in 好吃王's word. . . ..



But of couse, it was dining with YOU that made it even all that more special!! ;)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Prophet Muhammad

Yall aware of the outrage/furore now 'raging' in Europe/Middle East?

This Danish newspaper published a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad. The outrage was the bomb that was part of the turban in the cartoon; the fuss was that the cartoon seems to suggest that Islam = terrorism, something like that. So now ar, Muslims are boycotting Danish goods and services in the Middle East. Heard quite jia lat now. Actually the main thing was over the usage of the caricature of Prophet Muhammad. Muslims do not like their prophet to be anyhow depicted, especially as a cartoon.

I think quite powers this controversy. Cos day and night BBC like broadcasting non stop about this issue. What I heard was, subsequently the cartoon was published in other newspapers in France and Italy, etc.

The gd news is that the Danish editors have already publicly apologised over this matter mah, citing it's not against their law in their own country, but not aware it would cause dissent and uproar to the muslims...something like dat.

But damage has already been done. i heard one supermarket even took out all its danish products as a sign of boycott.

Haizz. . these ppl are just itching to get some planes crashing in their countries ah...

As much as i love my danish cookies, its a case of dumbasses who've no respect to other ppls religious beliefs.

No doubt abt tat.

Peace all

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

That Drug Addict Ad on TV

I dun think the drug peddler wud say things like dat which will hurt his biz

Drug Addict(DA): How much does a pill cost?
Drug Peddler(DP): 50 Buckaroos


DP: Your freedom, your pride, your health blah blah blah
DA: *Looks stunned*

I dun think such thing will happen lor, if the boss find out he surely kanna fired.
Everything so unrealistic, just like those Army/Navy/Airforce advertisments. .

Finally the holidays are ending!!