Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Of fishes, corals, turtle, dolphins, and a very narcissistic me!

Did my openwater dive during the past weekend.

I never never had so much fun in such a long time, prob not since my cambodia trip last year. The company was great, the sun, the sea. .it just all adds up. I am so totally hooked to diving now.

Alrity, I shall not say much. I will let my pictures do the talking!!

Hang on tight! Here we go!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Women. . .

Women-only coaches will foil perverts

The New Paper
March 22, 2006

TAN Mae Lynn's report on camera-phone perverts in trains, 'Click, and stranger on train takes home photo of her chest' (The New Paper, 19 Mar) is a reflection of the many sickos we have in our midst.

One effective solution would be to designate a couple of train coaches exclusively for women.

Japan has done this and I think it is a good move.
- C. Alicia

I am more further convinced that
SOME SG women getting more absurd. they have their way far too much .

That woman makes it look as though there is a pervert on every bus and that a pervert is always male.

I recommend to the Govt that female's MRT fares be raised. ( Of cos, males fares wil remain same) They demand their own private coach specially to themselves, its natural they pay extra premium for extra service.

Don't be a moron to suggest ideas that will increase the cost of living further just becos some miniority mini skirts and low-cuts got photographed.

Have the common sense to wear more clothes to protect urself.

Arbo learn from those middle east countries lah..
All the women wrap themselves up like bak zhang like that..regardless of weather.
You wrap until like bak zhang can only see the eyes..who wanna snap at you?

SOME women..just dun think.

The writer mus be some no life spinster where no1 bothers to take a 2nd look @ her n is still a virgin.
Think her brain is the size of her nipple !!

okok. .in any case, I still love my women!!
Disclaimer: I DO NOT condorn such perverted acts of photographing and invadin the privacy of women and men alike. Its just that this woman is obviously trying to push her luck to the limit!!

In less than 24 hours, I will be doing this!!!

*Wish me luck*

Monday, March 20, 2006

Band of Brothers

Everyone has their own story, and today i am goin to tell you my story.

Its a story about how a group of 19 years old got together and lived out their own verion of "Band of Brothers"

Yes, my NS life.

It certainly wasnt a bed of roses and it normally follows the flow where intially u feel very bad, but then slowly adapt and get used to things, to feeling bad again because time pass so fast and soon u are leaving NS.. of cos the initial feeling is the worse.

BMT in tekong, Unit life in Dieppe Barracks as a Guardsman.

For me, even i hated army/ns, it was a good trainin ground for me. I learned alot of skills tat i wud neve have learn outside. And for the Experiences.

Guard-of-honoour for NDP, Heli-Ops, fieldcamp, routemarch . .all these things are once in a life type of experiences.

More importantly, amidst the hardship, i got loads of fun.. we chiong together, play together and suffer together.. just like a big family.. everytime when we are out in field, we will tok abt where to go when book out.. go where eat and watch movie lar.

In the 2 short years, the people that you stay with, the people that I chiong sua with, all the dirt and sweat, I certainly miss the times after I ord.

True there may b hard times n saddening moments but it's all part of life... These r experience to learn frm n look back at wif a laugh... But think of the good things like true friends, sweat n laughter, pride, responsibility, acheivements n precious moments... All is worthwhile...

It's been almost 2yrs since my ORD, n things seems like it was back then... Friends get together, fun shared among us n problem shouldered together too...

Cant wait for my ICT in june.
Its like enlistment-training-exercise-ORD all squeeze together in a 2-week package.


"only out in the field, we can see true friends.. even how tired they are they will give u a hand when u need.. "

Friday, March 17, 2006

Music from your head

You know every once in a while you'll be obssessed with a piece of music.

It keeps coming to your head.

Drumming above your head all the time, be it while you're walking, taking a poo, dozing, on the MRT, taking your exam, during your work, having sex, etc.

You have this urge to listen to it constantly. And then suddenly, without rhyme or reason, that
obssession goes way. Only to make way for the next piece of music to go thru the same cycle all over again...

What's your 'that piece of music' right now?

Today marks the end of another crazy week. . .but of coz there are the super duper weekends to look forward to!!

Cant wait!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

1 Year

This might have come a few days late, but still. . . . .

Happy 1 year Anniversary to us!!!

Miss you guys lots!!!

At this time of the evening, we would be either doin this



Of cos we have not forgotten why we were there for. .

Hope these kids are still doing well. . .I Miss Them!!!

Monday, March 13, 2006


Someone once asked me what comes to your mind when you think of Singapore?

I could only tell him,

Woman is king

Cash is king

Foreigner is king

PAP is king.

'Nuff said.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Media Cocks

When it comes to our silly Mediacock's productions, watching the ant crawling across my table doesn't seem that bad of an idea either.

Gimme my cable TV anyday.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


因为 没人爱我

因为 你不爱我

因为 我不爱你

因为 我太多因为了

Saturday, March 04, 2006

trulymadly contest

Fancy to win for yourself a pair of movie tickers?

Welcome to the first ever trulymadly contest.

Step 1

Check out the picture below(Click the picture for the full size image)

Step 2
Now, if you look carefully, inside the picture are 74 different graphical representation of different English pop/rock/rap bands and groups.


Your job is to list the remaining 72 names to me via MSN.

Dont try to cheat, I know it.


This contest is only open to people I know personally.

Closing date is 8th March 2006, 2359hrs. All entries after the deadline shall be null and void. Judge's (that's me) decisions are final.

Winner win a pair of ticket, to any show on anyday. Best if the winner brings me to the show as well.

Yea, that's about it. Good luck!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

World Class

Late coz of the train delay....any 1 else kanna ??

2 days in a row!

2 freaking days and I am late for 40mins each time! If its just a one off incident, still ok. But 2 days in a row! WTF WTF WTF! *Disappointed*

Yishun always have empty trains and waitin interval in morning is 1,2 mins... now every train is packed and waiting interval is 5 mins!! this is still ok, wats worse is it will move den stop den move and stop... stop jus before reaching next platform, stop at certain stations for 5 mins... $$#&^$*&%#^#$*&^%$

Delay nevermind . . . Just don't fugging know what the train operator is mumbling about that pissed me off! . . . . all i heard was "Sawry for di ir-conbenience laused" . . .

I really think all the train operators must go brush up there English.

Their pronunciation sibei jialat . . totally cannot make it. . mumble mumble don't know simi. .
Early morning wake up to work already buay song,

Train delay more buay song,

Operator announcement like shit further more buay song. . . .

Worst than the "wen ber de, wen ber de, wen ber de"

So much for our 'world class' transport system...
Talk about world class? wait long long. .