Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Latest Score

It currently reads:

Life 2
Eugene 0

Wrong decisions after decisions. When will i ever learn? I really dont like whats happening to me right now. I hate it and it doesnt feel good at all.

Somebody please teach me what to do. I have run out of ideas!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Live Musing

From the very beggining of watching Dominic Howard rise out of the "Knights Of Cydonia"
to the great jets of steam and swirling lights that lead out the performance on
"Stockholm Syndrome", the show has flawless in every way.

And not forgetting the great company as well. . =)

Last night's show was an ABSOLUTE dream come true.

More Pics

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Of taxis and Love

Love is just like waiting for Taxi

When you are waiting.. there is no taxi you can find or pass by you..

After awhile you get sick of waiting and you decided not to wait ....

You turned and walk off ...

The moment you turn and walk off .. A taxi passed by .. You missed the chance ..

In the process of walking away ... Somehow you feel that there will be a taxi coming.. You turned back and saw the other person hoping into the taxi ...

But then again I still believe that "Love" is more than just merely analogies, philosophies, or "fate".. it involves timing.. probability and lots of patience (waiting).

If love can be easily deciphered with examples or theories; like reading a textbook.. then it's not love anymore.

Love, or loving someone is never simple at all.

I lied when I said that I would be okay. It's never fine when you go away.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

An Apple a day. .

*midst of orgasm*

Looking at my iPod now.. so... yesterday.....

Monday, January 01, 2007

Hello 2007, Goodbye 2006

All in all, 2006, there’s hardly anything to wail about.

In fact, It has been good to me.

It has been a year of travels.

I set out with an incredible wanderlust, and found my peace and happiness.

Japan, Vietnam, Bangkok, Cambodia, Hongkong. Just about the places I have managed to squeeze into my schedule and I am grateful for it. Each of these are places I collect and keep close to my heart. Although I wished I had been more daring and traveled alone instead.

Friends were made during my travels as well and listening to their stories really make me feel so small. They took the step of faith and keep going even if they don’t know where they’re going.

I wish I had done the same as well.

Not just for my travels but life in general. How many times have I said NO to the unknown, not knowing what or where it would have brought me to.

I am still young and can still afford to fail.

10 yrs down the road I probably wouldnt say the same anymore.

Have yourself a good one, and see you soon,.

Wishlist for 2007:
1)Backpack to India, ALONE.
They say to conquer your fears is to deal with it face to face.


3)Addprimus to grow from strength to strength.

All these doesnt sound very hard, right?

Xin Chao, Sapa

Sapa is a town in the mountains surrounded by many villages home to different ethnic minority groups. We spent a full day walking around the town and exploring the villages that surrounded Sapa. Because of the mountainous terrain, people have to farm on terraced land. The rice paddies were beautiful giant staircases. The weather was great at the time we were there and the views were quite spectacular.

Although the drives to and from Sapa were long, we drove through beautiful mountain passes. The roads were narrow and winded around steep cliffs. Along the way we saw the tallest mountain in Vietnam (Fansipan) and numerous waterfalls.

Now you dont have to endure the long rides I went through, just sit back and enjoy the pictures!!

In Sapa we all encountered numerous children who spoke English very well. Many were younger than 10 and had learned English just from speaking with tourists. All were dressed in the traditional clothing of their respective villages. They sold bracelets, blankets, clothing, and various other souvenirs.