Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Hiya. . Sorry for the lack of updates. Work has been nothing short of crazy these days.

So over these days, too many things happened.

Some things wear me out
Some things trigger my tears
Some things push me stronger
Some things keep me quiet
Some things let out my crazy shouts
Some things make me jump around
Some things remind me of those who cares
Some things cheer me up
Some things show the other sides of people
Some things don’t deserve my sacrifices
Some things tell me to let go
Some things hold me and beg me stay

I’m okay.

I wonder why my post ends up so emo. I’m suppose to feel happy now that it is the 2nd month of my new job already. I am not totally satisfied with my work so far, kinda like falling short of my own expectations and I am not going to come up with excuses for myself but I think I shouldn’t feel that bad. I’d done enough.

What more can one ask for. Just look forward, and work harder in my coming endeavours. Everything come and go, follow with this flow and look ahead. Jump into any opportunities, if given to me, I will.

Pardon for this short post again. Going to hit the sack soon and catch wadever sleep I can.



Anonymous said...

good to see things are starting to look up for you. (:
take care yah?

after1981 said...

no updates one. can i get my money back?