Thursday, November 03, 2005

8 months ago. .

Now. . .

It's really good to see them again, though not everone. Some are overseas studyin, work commitments, studies.. .

But we sure had a great time, sharing jokes and remembering the days in cambodia. Celine is still the preety sweet young lady, Ash with her jokes, JB still as corny as ever and who can forget BK, my "lover" in cambodia. . hehe

I miss Cambodia so so much. Its less than a months time before our students there graduate. .

I love them! They are simple ppl, friendly, eager to learn. . . .

S'pore kids are jus simply over-rated, arrogant and jus spoilt to the core. .

The cambodian way of life is a much welcomed change for most of us. The food, the beautiful khmer language and the culture there. .

CRICKETS! They taste saltish. .abit like ikan billis

The world reknowed Angkor Watt. Magnificent and Majestic

I wish i could fly back now n see those kids again. .I absolutely so so so miss them. . .


jasmine said...

OH MAN eugene.. i miss u guys and them so so so darn much too.. sigh.. y i miss e outing.. y i m stuck here.. if i can fly out in the hols i'll go find them.. but it's gonna b bloody ex sigh.. haha its a let-me-whine day..

Tjpr said...

i miss all of you too! And the carefree days in Cambodia.. Arghz..