Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Last friday, I and my brothers went out for dinner.

We were enjoyin themselves until this guy came along and tried to sell us some weird stuff. We were very pissed with this guy. He keep promoting his stuff sayin it will help to attract girls to whoever take a sniff at it.

Being a horny guy, Hayden immediately asked for a sniff, sayin it was to test the product out. The salesman agreed.

We could all see Hayden all goin high the moment he took a sniff at it. His eyes were suddenly glowing and there was this unspeakable aura behind him.

Within seconds, we could see a group of pretty gals rushing towards our table. We were all amazed and decided to take a sniff at that "thing". Soon enough. . .. .

Wow. .amazing product!(We actually dont know the guy in blue, it jus he couldnt resist taking a foto with all the pretty gals)

And I was soon enjoyin the company of the ladies. .


Then suddenly i felt a push on my back and I saw Hayden snatching her away and started spewing some vulgarities at me, saying he "saw" her 1st.

Fierce hor?

Arrg. .never mind. . in the end i found this sweeter, cuter and prettier gal. .

See who has the last laugh?

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Leon said...

Wa your office's girls? I wanna switch job. :D