Friday, April 28, 2006

6 May

Whichever Party Rules Singapore on 6 May

  • When you turn on the tap, there'll still be water.

  • When you switch on your television, you will still catch your favourite channel.

  • Your handphone will still ring.

  • Your home is still your home, it won't vanish into thin air.

  • Your job will likely to remain as your company don't just fold without reason.

  • The police and armed forces will still be there to keep your family safe.

  • Schools, Hospital and the public transport system will still be operational and won't close down overnight.

  • Your favourite hawker stall still whips up your favourite dish.

  • The birds & mosquitos will still be out there.

  • Shopping centres around Singapore will still be jam packed during weekends.

Go Ahead And Vote Without Fear.

Come May 6, dun say you dont have a choice. . .

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