Friday, April 28, 2006

Going Crazy

Ever since the day you went away and left me lonely and cold
My life just hasn't been the same ohh baby, nooo
When I looked into your eyes the moment that I let you go
I just broke down

Baby if I ever get the chance to be with you again I would sacrifice
Cuz the feeling that I feel within
No other
woman would ever make me feel so right
Its nice to smile when I get your phone call at night
But I'd rather have you here with me, right next to me
I miss the way you hold me tight

2 years have passed and I still miss you as much.

Happy Birthday Baby.


sharlet said...

Well, if my constituency has a walkover again, can I then say I don't have a choice?

Eugene Zee said...

Yea. .you prob wanna watch this. Its really just too bad if ur constituency is a walkover. .tats smthing we have no control over. .but this time most of us will have a choice. .