Monday, November 06, 2006


Don't ask me why.

Damn. I haven't posted in three months. I know everyone out there was totally worried about me and disappointed that I wasn't posting anything. And Ms Evil Blythe had threaten to take me off her bookmark.

Oh ya, and thanks for the ONE comment asking why I hadn't posted.

I'd love to tell you I've been exceptionally busy (I've been having dates with work), or that I have had no inspirations (I've had some, but obviously nothing so burning it forced me to write).

In general, I've just not been in the mood for writing of late.

Anyways, the reports of my demise were greatly self-exaggerated.

Thanks for being patient; here endeth the hiatus.


1) Vietname and Hongkong in Dec!!
This one reallllllly got me excited despite the fact that i got 1 ICT to go through before the fun begins.

2) I got a hot pink phone!!

3) I got a Mac!!

Anyway, to prevent this blog from resembling a mere shrine to my own materialism, some things did not really turned out the way I liked.

4) I got bloody charged by SAF for defaulting on IPPT when i obviously took it during my last incamp. I reckon this deserve a post on its own which i am goin to rant and whine about.

5) Reservist next week without my buddies. .I am just going to be soooo dead alone inside.

6) Work really sucks, big time. I wish i had jus taken up the job offer the last time.

How bout that to sum up my past 2 months? I know it sounds rather mudane, but thats the best my life has to offer at that moment. .I mean it isnt that interesting to begin with in the 1st place.

25 more days to go.

1 fabulous trip.

I hope you are looking forward to it as much as i do.

2nd of Dec. Wait for me.

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one comment is better than zero?