Sunday, January 14, 2007

Of taxis and Love

Love is just like waiting for Taxi

When you are waiting.. there is no taxi you can find or pass by you..

After awhile you get sick of waiting and you decided not to wait ....

You turned and walk off ...

The moment you turn and walk off .. A taxi passed by .. You missed the chance ..

In the process of walking away ... Somehow you feel that there will be a taxi coming.. You turned back and saw the other person hoping into the taxi ...

But then again I still believe that "Love" is more than just merely analogies, philosophies, or "fate".. it involves timing.. probability and lots of patience (waiting).

If love can be easily deciphered with examples or theories; like reading a textbook.. then it's not love anymore.

Love, or loving someone is never simple at all.

I lied when I said that I would be okay. It's never fine when you go away.

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