Monday, January 01, 2007

Hello 2007, Goodbye 2006

All in all, 2006, there’s hardly anything to wail about.

In fact, It has been good to me.

It has been a year of travels.

I set out with an incredible wanderlust, and found my peace and happiness.

Japan, Vietnam, Bangkok, Cambodia, Hongkong. Just about the places I have managed to squeeze into my schedule and I am grateful for it. Each of these are places I collect and keep close to my heart. Although I wished I had been more daring and traveled alone instead.

Friends were made during my travels as well and listening to their stories really make me feel so small. They took the step of faith and keep going even if they don’t know where they’re going.

I wish I had done the same as well.

Not just for my travels but life in general. How many times have I said NO to the unknown, not knowing what or where it would have brought me to.

I am still young and can still afford to fail.

10 yrs down the road I probably wouldnt say the same anymore.

Have yourself a good one, and see you soon,.

Wishlist for 2007:
1)Backpack to India, ALONE.
They say to conquer your fears is to deal with it face to face.


3)Addprimus to grow from strength to strength.

All these doesnt sound very hard, right?

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