Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Musings of a Small Fry

Catching up on the election campaigns of the various parties on the internet and attending the various rallies, I really can't stomache the bullying attitude the PAPs have towards other parties or organisations' views or ideas.

The ideas might be irrevelant or even outright stupid, but is there a need for them to be so strongly rebuked and ridiculed?

They might not be top scholars but sometimes the most stupid of creatures can come up with a simple but good idea that geniuses just missed! What I ask for is the PAP to treat the other non-PAP candidates as equals, not as donkeys or terrorists.

How many PAP MPs do you need to change a light blub?

What is a strong mandate? How do you define a strong mandate?

The recent acticle which Dr Balaji promises lower healthcare costs if PAP given strong mandate.

This digusted me greatly, it's like a threat.

And what's more the condition is vauge. If PAP won 83 out of 84 seats it might not be a strong enough mandate for them and they can with their twisted iogic could grandly tell us the rising health cost is our own fault. A lose-lose sitaution.

Picking on the shortcomings of other candidates is part and parcel of politics.

However, the media is really overbiased.

15 mins of Mr Gomez for a couple of days running is really too much. If any Singaporean won a Nobel prize, I seriously need doubt he/she would have more media coverage than Mr Gomez (....unless he/she is a PAP candiate}. I understand the press is under the government, surely you don't want your career to be on the line. However, I still appeal that fair and decent reports to all parties.

The local press is ranked 140th out of 167 countries, which is really a disgrace to Singapore. They might as well say they are the PAP's newsletter for the elections. If they dare, they can jolly well put this picture on the front page of their Singapore ThrashStraits Times.

On the "upgrading" issue, I can't really see why residents of non-PAP wards should be punished.

In fact,it's PAP's failure to field their better candidates in the those wards which gave the voters no choice but to turn to Mr Chaim and Mr Low. Maybe, PAP should consider fielding one of those "minister caliber" newcomers there so as to oust the imcumbant and at the same time show their mettle.

p.s: I have no political links,agenda or whatever.

In Mr Brown's words, this post does not contain "persistent political content" because that is prohibited during the election period under the Singapore's Election Advertising Regulations.


sharlet said...

Good post! Well, the PAP needn't be so scared of the opposition 'cos all the "good" ones have been driven out of the country or bankrupted by them already.

And it's not just healthcare... they are *still* using the upgrading carrot again this year (for Hougang I think, can't remember) despite protests that it's unfair. I suppose some things will never change.

Did you know I was surfing an American news site once, and the Straits Times was listed there as "Singapore's pro-government daily"? It was the ONLY paper that was so derogatorily described! My god! Even other countries are clued in as to how biased the ST is! :P

Eugene Zee said...

Aiya. .what to do?

THe key PAP ppl are also Key appointment holders in the govt. So they call the shots. They can do wahtever they deem fit and still get away scot free.

More "good" years ahead and may our Singapore Thrash wake up their idea soon. .

sharlet said...

It's not just the govt, the law as well. Did you know the recently retired CJ Yong Pung How was LKY's classmate? Hah.