Monday, February 06, 2006

Hog's Breath Cafe

I decided to check out this Hog's Breath Cafe

that I saw on 好吃王 aka Makan King on Channel U... it's located at Chijmes just opposite Raffles City.

Met the girlfriend and we got there around 7pm. There wasn't too crowded, only a few folks, was thinking if it would get more crowded later. It has a cow-boy, rodeo setting, very nice. It has pictures of these cute little pigs hangin all around.

I tell you, service there is TOP-NOTCH! Friendly without being over-zealous. We even had our own personal server!

Was greeted by one of the staff who directed us to our seats, he then handed us the menu and explained to us the different steaks/prime ribs available and whats gd and nice.

lo and behold !! My Lamb-shack topped with the nicest and bestest gravy i ever tasted!!! V V V good!!!! Even the mashed potato is heavenly! The meat is soft and tender. It literally jus melt in your mouth. All it takes are a few chews to savour the full favours of the meat.

The girlfriend had dory-fish with honey-mustard prawns! The prawns are jus orgasm-inducing stuff!! U must ty it to experience it yourself!

The portions I must say are huge! Even a big-eater like me got quite full after i was half-way thru.

Just when we thought thats about it, the waiter recommended *deng deng deng deng* DESSERTS!!!

Apple Crumbles!!!

Wa lao! Its damn damn damn damn good can!!! Check out the sauce at the base of the plate!! Its the soul of this whole dessert!
Forget NYDCs, Olio-Domes, Border's Cafes desserts. .this one beats em ALL!!

Summing up my experience, in 好吃王's word. . . ..



But of couse, it was dining with YOU that made it even all that more special!! ;)

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