Thursday, February 02, 2006

Prophet Muhammad

Yall aware of the outrage/furore now 'raging' in Europe/Middle East?

This Danish newspaper published a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad. The outrage was the bomb that was part of the turban in the cartoon; the fuss was that the cartoon seems to suggest that Islam = terrorism, something like that. So now ar, Muslims are boycotting Danish goods and services in the Middle East. Heard quite jia lat now. Actually the main thing was over the usage of the caricature of Prophet Muhammad. Muslims do not like their prophet to be anyhow depicted, especially as a cartoon.

I think quite powers this controversy. Cos day and night BBC like broadcasting non stop about this issue. What I heard was, subsequently the cartoon was published in other newspapers in France and Italy, etc.

The gd news is that the Danish editors have already publicly apologised over this matter mah, citing it's not against their law in their own country, but not aware it would cause dissent and uproar to the muslims...something like dat.

But damage has already been done. i heard one supermarket even took out all its danish products as a sign of boycott.

Haizz. . these ppl are just itching to get some planes crashing in their countries ah...

As much as i love my danish cookies, its a case of dumbasses who've no respect to other ppls religious beliefs.

No doubt abt tat.

Peace all

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