Monday, March 20, 2006

Band of Brothers

Everyone has their own story, and today i am goin to tell you my story.

Its a story about how a group of 19 years old got together and lived out their own verion of "Band of Brothers"

Yes, my NS life.

It certainly wasnt a bed of roses and it normally follows the flow where intially u feel very bad, but then slowly adapt and get used to things, to feeling bad again because time pass so fast and soon u are leaving NS.. of cos the initial feeling is the worse.

BMT in tekong, Unit life in Dieppe Barracks as a Guardsman.

For me, even i hated army/ns, it was a good trainin ground for me. I learned alot of skills tat i wud neve have learn outside. And for the Experiences.

Guard-of-honoour for NDP, Heli-Ops, fieldcamp, routemarch . .all these things are once in a life type of experiences.

More importantly, amidst the hardship, i got loads of fun.. we chiong together, play together and suffer together.. just like a big family.. everytime when we are out in field, we will tok abt where to go when book out.. go where eat and watch movie lar.

In the 2 short years, the people that you stay with, the people that I chiong sua with, all the dirt and sweat, I certainly miss the times after I ord.

True there may b hard times n saddening moments but it's all part of life... These r experience to learn frm n look back at wif a laugh... But think of the good things like true friends, sweat n laughter, pride, responsibility, acheivements n precious moments... All is worthwhile...

It's been almost 2yrs since my ORD, n things seems like it was back then... Friends get together, fun shared among us n problem shouldered together too...

Cant wait for my ICT in june.
Its like enlistment-training-exercise-ORD all squeeze together in a 2-week package.


"only out in the field, we can see true friends.. even how tired they are they will give u a hand when u need.. "

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