Wednesday, March 01, 2006

World Class

Late coz of the train delay....any 1 else kanna ??

2 days in a row!

2 freaking days and I am late for 40mins each time! If its just a one off incident, still ok. But 2 days in a row! WTF WTF WTF! *Disappointed*

Yishun always have empty trains and waitin interval in morning is 1,2 mins... now every train is packed and waiting interval is 5 mins!! this is still ok, wats worse is it will move den stop den move and stop... stop jus before reaching next platform, stop at certain stations for 5 mins... $$#&^$*&%#^#$*&^%$

Delay nevermind . . . Just don't fugging know what the train operator is mumbling about that pissed me off! . . . . all i heard was "Sawry for di ir-conbenience laused" . . .

I really think all the train operators must go brush up there English.

Their pronunciation sibei jialat . . totally cannot make it. . mumble mumble don't know simi. .
Early morning wake up to work already buay song,

Train delay more buay song,

Operator announcement like shit further more buay song. . . .

Worst than the "wen ber de, wen ber de, wen ber de"

So much for our 'world class' transport system...
Talk about world class? wait long long. .


Leon said...

Mwahahaha! Love your "wen ber de wen ber de wen ber de". Yeah dude, I ganna as well. The 2nd day was worst than the 1st. Being the impatient guy that I am, I dropped off right at the next station and head for the taxi stand.

Lemme guess, they arent gonna do anything to make up for the incident.

Ms M&M said...

ya...i darn affected too..fug...and today deliberately go out jam..i end up tooooo early....wth...