Friday, March 24, 2006

Women. . .

Women-only coaches will foil perverts

The New Paper
March 22, 2006

TAN Mae Lynn's report on camera-phone perverts in trains, 'Click, and stranger on train takes home photo of her chest' (The New Paper, 19 Mar) is a reflection of the many sickos we have in our midst.

One effective solution would be to designate a couple of train coaches exclusively for women.

Japan has done this and I think it is a good move.
- C. Alicia

I am more further convinced that
SOME SG women getting more absurd. they have their way far too much .

That woman makes it look as though there is a pervert on every bus and that a pervert is always male.

I recommend to the Govt that female's MRT fares be raised. ( Of cos, males fares wil remain same) They demand their own private coach specially to themselves, its natural they pay extra premium for extra service.

Don't be a moron to suggest ideas that will increase the cost of living further just becos some miniority mini skirts and low-cuts got photographed.

Have the common sense to wear more clothes to protect urself.

Arbo learn from those middle east countries lah..
All the women wrap themselves up like bak zhang like that..regardless of weather.
You wrap until like bak zhang can only see the eyes..who wanna snap at you?

SOME women..just dun think.

The writer mus be some no life spinster where no1 bothers to take a 2nd look @ her n is still a virgin.
Think her brain is the size of her nipple !!

okok. .in any case, I still love my women!!
Disclaimer: I DO NOT condorn such perverted acts of photographing and invadin the privacy of women and men alike. Its just that this woman is obviously trying to push her luck to the limit!!

In less than 24 hours, I will be doing this!!!

*Wish me luck*

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