Saturday, March 04, 2006

trulymadly contest

Fancy to win for yourself a pair of movie tickers?

Welcome to the first ever trulymadly contest.

Step 1

Check out the picture below(Click the picture for the full size image)

Step 2
Now, if you look carefully, inside the picture are 74 different graphical representation of different English pop/rock/rap bands and groups.


Your job is to list the remaining 72 names to me via MSN.

Dont try to cheat, I know it.


This contest is only open to people I know personally.

Closing date is 8th March 2006, 2359hrs. All entries after the deadline shall be null and void. Judge's (that's me) decisions are final.

Winner win a pair of ticket, to any show on anyday. Best if the winner brings me to the show as well.

Yea, that's about it. Good luck!

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