Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Being twisted with logic

Chris Martin is a dynamic frontman. He's definitely the focal point, the star of the show without having an "I'm the star of the show" attitude.

It's just what he does when he's in the moment. When he bends low over the piano, it's almost as if he feels he can get closer to the music that way.

Though Chris is undeniably a frontman, you can tell by the way he interacts with his bandmates that he considers himself one member of a band.

It's not just The Chris Martin show.

Believe me, we've screamed, we've applauded, we've swayed, we've swooned. There isn't a voice in the room that doesn't roar.

We have been transported to Coldplay's planet. And it's a nice place to visit. It might be grand to buy a house and try living there awhile.

The bottom line? Coldplay is amazing live. I guess an off night for them is equivalent to the best gig most bands will ever play. Watch this show.

I don't think I'm alone here.

Maybe that's why they're one of the biggest bands in the world.

And maybe that's why some people hate them. I guess it makes sense.

That's the price they have to pay for writing songs with lines like "And the truth is/ I miss you," and "look at the stars/ look how they shine for you."

Some people like to remember all the baggage that those lines carry with them, while for others it's the last thing they want to think about.

I get it now.

Then run, don't walk, to buy tickets to the tour and experience Coldplay in person.
opps. .i forgot its a one night gig only


During the concert

Stranger: Can you take a photo for us?

Me: Oh sure

Stranger: OOh. .thanks!! (begins to pose)

Me: Emmm. . wheres your camera??

Stranger: We dont have one.

Me: . . .

(After which they suggest using my camera and email her the photo(which i still haven done). I say thats a really good way to ask me for my contact. =p)

After the concert

Walking to the MRT station after the concert

Ang Moh: Hi, how do you get to the MRT station

Me: Oh! We are walkin to the MRT station as well, you can follow us.

Ang Moh: Sure!

Me: So where are you guys from??

Ang Moh: We are from the United States and living here for the past 3 months.

Ang Moh: Sorry!

Me: ???

Ang Moh: Sorry for all the mess we have created in this world.

Me: . . .


Desmond said...

Eugene you are so cool I want to have your babies. Cept I have no Uterus and Ashley will get jealous and ask me to give birth to her babies too. Love the coldplay pics man!

ash said...

you can have him eugene.