Saturday, July 29, 2006

Wondering. .

Have you ever wondered what love means to a person? What does it mean to you?

Issit seeing your gf/bf everyday means love? or issit you miss someone when you dont see him/her means love?

Abit of everything maybe ... but which is more to you?

To some, love is about seeing the person everyday and missing the person when you dont see him/her is when you see the opposite gender with him/her, you will feel angry .... and alot.

But seeing someone everyday can be just a habit .... missing is because the habit is not being fulfilled and angry when see other girls with him is because of jealousy...... a sense of possesion.

To some, love = his/her other half.. family..and future kids.

Simple as that.

To me, love is love, to give love a definition is to defeat the purpose of loving.
Love is something very profound and deep.

Not even the best professionals of the language can decipher what is love. Humans can only feel and anticipate love, but we cannot explain. as feelings can only be felt, not explained.

If only something as deep as love can be put into words..

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