Sunday, July 02, 2006

Weeping Englishman and glorious Italianos

And is this how a top English footballstar, supposedly a rolemodel for millions of aspiring young kids all over the world, should behave after gettin send off???

Venting your fustration on your own pysio is certaining not going to help your cause.

The players look like they've seen god descend from heaven.

Wake up ROOney, England is NEVER good enough for the world cup, red card or not.

Even your team mates are laughing at u. .

For those who believe in Statistics, ITALY is going to win the world cup this year. .

1970: Brazil (Latin America).

1974: Germany (Europe).

1978: Argentina (Latin America).

1982: Italy (Europe).

1986: Argentina (Latin America).

1990: Germany (Europe).

1994: Brazil (Latin America).

1998: France (Europe).

2002: Brazil (Latin America).

Which means there should be a European winner in 2006.

Portugal and France won't win it because both have aged midfield stars, an aging defence and goalkeepers who commit suicide with their teams' chances - one likes to punch the ball when he can catch it and enjoys being a spectator during free-kicks and corners while the other likes a sliding tackle when using his hands to get the ball would do just fine.

Germany can only win the World Cup on Odd Decades - they've won in the '50s (1954), '70s (1974) and '90s (1990). It's an Even Decade this year, so the World Cup is out of Germany's reach despite their having home advantage.

While there remains the possibility of a Euro 2008 success for Italy, there's another important determining factor - a match-fixing scandal.

In 1982, Italy rocked by match-fixing scandal but they won the World Cup..

This year is also same... so Italy got history going for them...

OOh. .and one more important factor to note. .

In the year of the Dog since the start of World Cup, only 2 countries win the World Cup.

Brazil & Italy.

Brazil's out, so the winner should be Italy.

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