Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Celebrating NDP

Hooray! Another billion bucks into our pockets!

As usual, party for elites, area cleaning for us! They got $100M budget for the wayangNDP, but still dare to ask for free labour for area cleaning? Wicked until like this?

Jobs for FTs, Party for Elites, Area Cleaning for NSmen?

Today I want to talk about our National Day that has just passed.

I took part in the NDP twice in my life, both kena-ed during my NS days.

I have alot of things to say about NDP but never knew how. After 2 years, I finally found the words to write.

National Day Parade!

It has become the pap propaganada machine. And the ways we celebrate National Day hasn't been creative.

Its the governemts way of making Singaporeans feel attach to the nation.

Spending huge amount of money to "help us love" this nation and involve with her birthday. Dont u think they confuse and make sure sgians think that PAPy = SG?

Frankly, the money could be put to better use.

My foreign friend said that ndp is quite a waste of money. They dun celebrate so extravagently in their country. we should REALLY just save the money used in the celebrations.

Every yr is the same.

Drills. Fireworks.. Coffin fighter planes fly here n there create pollutions.. some crappy shows and lousy singers singing NDP2006 theme.

I just wish they wont turn our country's national day into a showcase for their trumiphs and successes. But that's what they have been doing all alone.

I was so surprised to see that they actually had the photo of MPs on the National Day Banners which they put on the lamp posts. The PAPy flag was flown side by side the National flag. Isit time for elections again?

From what i remember, they never did that in the past. Now is like campaigning period, with the candidates' photos on the lamp posts.

Hmm whats next?

They are trying very hard to brainwash the kids to equate National Day to PAP day. Wicked or not?

From the picture above, I observe that

1) Portrait of LKY - impressionist North Korean mural style.

2) PAP flag held up by kid.

3) "YOU WILL BE NEXT!" Next to? Next for? Stupid Catholic High morons. I am from Catholic High, so cannot say them.

They say they want to reenact Singapore history. But I can guarantee you the little part about LKY being a Japanese translator for the secret police during the Occupation will be conveniently missing. A void in the historical timeline.

It is not only wicked, but also shameful and untruthful. A blatant attempt to distort history. Seems like they are trying to tell the kids that in Sillypore history there is only PAP, where are WP and Barisan Socialis which also exist at that time?

Ok, so after a long time not blogging, pardon me. I guess I am just a little fustrated with things now that my MRT and bus fares are going to go up very soon. Getting called up to reservist doesnt makes things any better.

Just WTF are they up to?

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