Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Welcoming FTs

For the past few weeks we can see how the gahment and Straits Times is trying to push its agenda.

Glamourising Foreign Trash Talents(FT) (china-born chap becomes SAF officer), FT makes Sinkapore more cosmopolitan. Citing how FT can normalise population issues, and making immigration policies more lenient (visit Immigration building if u have the time) etc.

Now that the policies are in placed, we should start thinking how to make these FT feel welcomed. Even if you disagree with it, can also help to brainstorm for others to do.

If a FT move next door, you can:

1. Offer your subscribed copy of Straits Times to him/her FOC, so that they can know how fortunate they are to be in Sg and make Sg their homes.

2. Switch on your WiFi modem 24/7, give them free access to show Sg is a intelligent wired country and they can contact their friends overseas FREE.

3. Offer to water their plants, wash their corridors and be their dog, oops, i mean walk their dog to make their living environment comfortable.

4. Volunteer to guard their homes if they feel any imminent threats(eg from Ah Long). With the NS training you received, you are more than able for the task. On Guard!!

5. Invite them to your homes to watch EPL/WC matches on your cable subscription. Remember, the matches are free in their homeland. Better still, duplicate a set of your house keys so that they can come and watch as and when they want.

We now genna so jelat is also because of them. Really giving us more pressure.

No doubt these Foreign Talent force us to progress...but i think our local elites are not balancing it very correctly. Don't forget "We are Singapore!" not "Foreignpore"

We as locals should get some protection. Instead i see that these outsides are helped and later given citizenship. Benefiting from the foundations we and our fore fathers have worked hard for.
Now is just the begining very soon we will be taken over...! Even the "chickens" are foreign talent.

Maybe we Sillyporean also have a problem....we humhiam this hiam that ... even chicken need foreign talent.

So may i suggest we also get foreign talent to be in the government. Cos this is the only area we have yet to explore in greater detail.

Get a Swedish fellow to be Minister of Sports, then like them maybe we can go WC.
Get an Ex-Iraqi to be Minister of defence then can fight in FIBUA
Etc....don't laugh.....this maybe the key to Sillypore's success in Future of foreign TALENTS and LOCAL elites!

Talking about making mistakes, a few nights ago, I saw on tv the PM of Korea apologising to the public because of the illegal gambling dens that are in operation around town and near schools, and vowed to close them all down.

How humble.

Now, when did we ever see singapore ministers apologise for anything at all? They only know how to say "on hindsight..."

A wrong is a wrong.... but our very talented govt can make a wrong into a right... i guess korea does not have such talents, so LL have to apologise lor... haha...

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