Sunday, August 20, 2006

Getting brainwashed

I find it very annoying... every channel i switch i see the speech...

yes! its important but i think there is No need for ALL mediacock channels to show cast the speech for example.. mediacock is showin 2 chinese channels for that speech!! channel U and channel 8! wtf?

Is that Necessary ?

I wish somone would tell him that.

I hate to listen to his wayang speech on 'relaxing' and 'opening' our society when the MIW themselves are doing the opposite, and yet all the fu(king channels are showing his speech.

Finally switch off the TV and come to the partisan internet, and finally found peace.

Later channel new asia and channel 5 is going to show the same things again!

Cant stand it

They DON'T give us any choices!

I rather watch my toe nails grow....

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