Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I always have grouses with our local public transport providers, but its jus tat I have always try to let it pass and think not so much about it. .but what happen today really takes the cake. .

I shall not go into details what happen, but I m just so freakin pissed with whatever the Bus companies are doing. It seem that as long as they are having monopoly of the public transport here and their profit margins are well taken care of, the comfort of the passengers doesnt really matter much to them.

I SERIOUSLY invite the senior management of the bus companies and members of the Public Transport Council to take the public buses to work and for leisure for a month. By the end of the month, I am sure they will agree with me that there are MANY areas of concern have to be resolved swiftly and satisfactorily.

They are always talking about World Class Service.

World Class Quality Service ? World my head...they wait long long also won't get World Class Quality Service. World class service and Public Transport here is like saying press freedom and Singapore.

Wait a minute. .i know what they mean by World Class liao. . .
"world class" means a bit taken fm every part of the world, multi-cultural to be exact, not totally taken fm white pple country.

Such as overcrowding buses like those in India

Commuters pushing each other when broading the bus like those in China

Long waiting time of buses like those in Australia

Dirty interior like those in jarkata

Fares are getting more expensive like those in hk, and etc.......

HELLO!! I say we must break the duopoly and let the private sector compete. i m sure the private sector can do better than the stupid gahmen.

Yeah, they can always say how cheap our public transport here, blah blah blah, but we have to compare the whole transport system as a whole. Cars over at other countries are cheaper, thus public transport is more expensive. GODAMMIT!

Still I believe the single most important reason is that in a duopoly, the two operators, being profit-driven listed companies, are simply not willing to step up services as this would jack up costs and eat into their bottom line.

Bus-lane hoggers and unpredictable traffic congestion are but minor problems that can be licked with better traffic enforcement. I wonder what the other 999 factors are, which are blamed for producing poor commuter-satisfaction results.

I dun want to take Bus and MRT to work liao leh . .how?


Leon said...

Leaving Singapore for good is what I've been dreaming of every single day. :D

S said...

you're finally writing! (: