Sunday, December 11, 2005

Once upon a time. .

Once upon a time, there was a boy, named Boy, and a girl, named Girl.

One fine day, Boy was surfing the net bored-ly, and chanced upon Girl's profile page.

She had an interesting photo of herself and, erm, her lookalike.

Boy was curious, because Girl's photo struck something in her, the smile in her was jus irresistable

He dropped him a message.

Days later, Boy got a reply from Girl.

Emails was a very troublesome way to communicate, therefore they exchanged MSN addresses, and subsequently exchanged numbers.

Soon, they met.

And so, they met.

From then, they went out for movies and dinners, and SMSed madly.

They enjoyed each other's company, to say the least.

Boy was going crazy over her. Girl was running through his mind all day long.

Boy made all sorts of excuses just to meet her.

Finally the Girl asked him why was he so nice to her.

"I like you" came the reply.
Few days later they met again.

Boy tried catching Girl's hand.

Girl was rather apprehensive, because they had known each other for only a very short time.

She did think of letting go, but she decided against it, because technically speaking, she had nothing to lose.

It was a good thing she didn't, too.

Boy promised to himself that he would not have asked again if she had let go.

They embarked on an unknown journey together, unaware of the future, and not knowing what will be the outcome.

It was safe to say, they didn't even knew each other well enough yet.

Yet, to both of them, it was probably one of the best things that happened in their lives.


A Early Merry Christmas to all of you out there and sorry for the lack of updates.

Busy pak tor-ing mah!


Leon said...

"Busy pak tor-ing mah!"

That's good news! :D

Missy M&M said...

yo!! wonder no posts.... hahaha....congrates!!!!! Eh..arrange for me to meet up the girl some day leh...

Hor I know who you wanna rendevous with liao..keke..!

~!lovely peacemaker!~ said...

eh!!!!! I want to know who who who!! You are deadmeat le.. Hahah... Dun let mi see you genie boy!! I will pester you till i know who is that lucky gurl!!!!!!