Thursday, December 15, 2005



First are the buses and trains. Now the Taxis.

SMART Automobile launches Singapore's first fleet of CNG-powered taxis
By Yvonne Cheong, Channel NewsAsia

SMART Automobile has launched Singapore's first fleet of CNG-powered taxis.

It'll also set up at least two compressed natural gas (CNG) refuelling stations by the end of next year.

The Mercedes Benz E200 CNG-powered limousine taxis are bi-fuel and are environment-friendly as they emit pure water when running on natural gas.

The vehicles automatically switch to running on petrol when it runs out of gas.

But each of these taxis costs $115,000, a few thousand dollars more than its regular counterpart.

Thirty CNG taxis hit the road after the launch on Monday, the rest will do by year end.

The flag-down rate for a CNG taxi is $3, which is 60 cents more than the usual $2.40.

Steven Heng, a CNG taxi driver, said: "We haven't had any complaints so far. In fact, customers say it's quiet, stable and comfortable."

I do not understand, If they can save $10,000,then why increase price to $3?

They can run on nuclear power for all they want. Just let us have our cabs during peak hours.

And Farking bollocks. What do you mean by complaints? After less than a day on the road for the first time today (Monday), and they got the cheek to say "we haven't had any complaints..." After a mere 1 day? What kind of a f up report is it?

Hmm. .Thanks for alerting me. If I have to take a taxi, and when I see a SMART taxi that runs on gas, unless, I am desperate, I will wave the taxi on!

So i guess the logical purpose of using gas is to save cost, both to the taxi drivers and to pass the savings to the consumers.

But here, all costs are passed to the taxi drivers and the consumers. . . .wtf

No bus, No MRTs, No taxis. . . .


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