Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ways to punish TT Durex

Since it all started with Durai cheating the public with bogus charity shows, we should end it with a charity show as well.

Durai should be force to perform stunts in a special NKF "TT Durai Great Escape -- Do or Die" charity show.

His stunt?

Play russian roulette with a revolver loaded with 5 rounds out of 6 bullet housings. Before every commercial break, he will point the gun at his head and pull the trigger once. If he survive that, blindfold him and order him to jump into a swimming pool filled with peanuts instead of water. Hope that some peanuts will be shaft up his asshole.

Still surviving?

He will be also be locked in a wooden cart, with only his head protruding out, and force to parade in Orchard Road. Public will be allow to throw rotten eggs, urine packets, shit etc... at him.

After that, He can spend 10 days in the same fish tank with our super ego-inflated Khoo SC.

Saving the best for the last. .

Exchange his good kidneys with that of a patient under dialysis .

In this way,he will have to undergo kidney dialysis for the rest of his life... WITH NO SUBSIDY!!!

Thats y i say indi**ns cannot be trusted. . . :p

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