Monday, December 19, 2005

Only 10 cents out of every S$1 donated went to NKF patients

" The 332-page report released on Monday detailed how Mr T T Durai exerted total control over Singapore's largest charity, which provoked a public outcry in July after its admissions in court that it had, among other things, fudged its patient numbers, inflated the amount it gave out in subsidies to patients and the total cost of dialysis treatment.

And instead of giving its dialysis patients cheaper care, the NKF made 'high gross profits' from its sale of drugs to them.

These were some of the incredible findings uncovered by KPMG after five-months of scrutinising the way NKF used to work.

Also, the old NKF made a profit from selling its patients drugs, to the tune of about S$1 million (US$600,373) a year."

What a bloody disgrace. Someone needs to get behind bars.

i encourage u to read the full report
i am only 1/2 way thru an i am already very very disgusted with how things have been going on wrong for so many yearsand this is despite it being audited very yr!

no wonder the exployees are upset with durai's departure
go read about their 4 increments per yr, doubling of salary in 2 yrs and cash of 200+k when the staff resign!!!

Not to mention the IT sys worth millions which as never delivered and payment still made.
Lots of dirty laundry being bought out into the open!!

& where's durai in the midst of all these????
Seems like he performed a magic trick far better than any of those artists on TV by disappearing into thin air so quickly and so silently......

Had the Durai and the NKF not sued SPH and Ms Susan Long for defamation, these issues may never have come to light, and the state of affairs at the NKF may just have gone on forever.

this is bad...real bad

for Ms H, DING DONG!!!

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Missy M&M said...

it's called the evil deeds will uncover itself...pui pui pui!
split out the money i donated! wtf