Sunday, October 23, 2005

Death, its always been around us, everytime and every second of the day since the day we were born.

Its hard to see someone you know die, harder if they died right in front of you. But its all part and parcel of the thing we call "Life"

God knows how many times we came across this question of, "Why it happens", "What can we do", "Where will we be",etc. (I always do ask myself these questions, so I guess the rest of you guys do the same, unless I'm a REALL weirdo)

Everything that has a beginning has an end. Remember that the min you are born, you ultimate goal in life is to die. It is no doubt hard to experience the death of your love ones.

However, death isn't always such a painful experience. Its actually sometimes a good thing. It can be seen as the completion of a person's journey on this planet and he has finally moved on to the next lvl (various religions has different interpretations of after life). The fact that this person has completed his/her life cycle is seen as a glorious thing by some culture.

Talking about death itself, we all know where we are going to die. When its time for us to go, we will know it. Our brain knows when it is time for us to go. When it comes, our brain will sort of automatically shut down itself. There is no scientific proof for this. Its solely based on what I have seen. When my grand parents die, they know it and they exhibit similar symptoms. (e.g they keep playin the buddhist chants beside their bed)

Actually, if you look deep inside your heart. Why you feel sad abt someone's death is actually not because the person has departed. Most of the time, you feel sad because that person no longer exist. You can't bear having to know that someone dear to you is no longer with you. So, its more of the impact the death has on your life rather than the death itself.

Talking about value for life, we are the worst of any species on this planet. While we may talk abt valuing llife of our own kind, we treat other species on this planet worse than dirt. We exploit them to satisfy our greed etc. Sad indeed......

Like they say, When you are born, you will be crying and everyone around you will be laughing and smiling. When you die, you will be smiling and thsoe around you will be crying....

But we need to be sure of 1 thing. We Are All Going to Die, one of these days. So lets not waste our time while we are still around, walking and breathing.

A friend once argued with me when one of his loved one died in an accident, it was unfair for her to die as she was so young but it was all right for an old person to die as he/she is old ...

Fair or not depends on your religion and your attitude towards life.

People who believe in God thinks it's God's will.

Buddhists believe it's due to bad karma from a person's past life that cause a person to have a short life in this one.

Atheists believe it's blind chance that caused the accident.

There are no right or wrong answer.

There's no need to argue.

What's certain is that death will come to everyone.

Doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, healthy or sickly. The destination of life is the same.

Death is the only certainty.
"We all live to die. The meaning of life is not death, but how u lived that life till death."

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