Sunday, October 16, 2005

Reason why girls nowadays like bad guys

After a small conversation with a close friend of mine, we agree tat we seen alot of such cases, and we were really wondering why.

I mean I am not sayin tat I am a saint myself and i am not at all a perfect person. In fact I think I have alot more shortcomings than my good points, if there are any in the 1st place.

But in anycase, I do think tat there is a explaination for the trend tat we are all seeing here.

As they say, "男人不坏, 女人不爱"
After some thinking thru, i might want to come up with my explaination for this.

Think of it as a spectrum...

"Nice Guy"|-----------------|Middle Ground|--------------|"Jerk"

The ends of the spectrum are the extreme.

On one end, you have the nice guy. Sweet, charming, loveable...but highly dependent, lacks self-confidence, highly insecure, etc. Basically, whipped.

On the other end, you have the jerk...rude, selfish, outspoken, but also confident, secure, and very independent.

It is those last three qualities (confidence, self-security, independence) that women are most attracted to.

It's important to note how women react to the spectrum.

Women are emotionally attracted to the nice guys.

These are the guys who they'll come to for emotional support - they'll be open and honest with them, and even expose their secrets and what not.

But women are physically attracted to the other end - the extreme right, the jerk end. It's not that they like jerks specifically, just the qualities they possess by nature (strength, security, independence...).

So what do women want?

Ideally, they want a guy who falls in the middle ground - is nice, sweet, caring, but also is confident, independent, etc.

When women say "Nice guys are hard to find", they are talking about the middle ground guys, who admittedly are a bit rarer than your average nice guy/jerk.

Oftentimes, if they can't find that middle ground guy, they'll work on averages...get their physical needs from the extreme right, their emotional from the extreme left, and that will give her a middle ground of sorts.

Or, women will start from the extreme right, the jerk end, and then try to bring the guy down to middle ground by "changing" him. They start on that end because that is what is attractive to them.

So the moral of the story?

To be a bad guy?

Nowadays girls keep complaining good guys hard to find, it's because of that, guys wanna be bad. Who want to be on the losing end?

Seriously, girls choose bad guys to have fun and fall in love, then later choose good guy to be married. Seen alot of such cases. Most of my friends say it doesn't pay to be a good guy.

Dunno, but i think being a good guy, one day will finally meet one good girl. Still praying, because i'm still single and 24!

Sad... Lol

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