Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Singaporeans - This cannot, that cannot..

"Oct 25, 2005

Dad sees red over Portrait Of Home

THE Chinese drama, Portrait Of Home II, airs on Channel 8 during the 7-8pm prime-time slot on weekdays. This is the time that many families with children would be watching television while having dinner.

I have found that some of the themes in this series (as well as the earlier Portrait Of Home series), such as revenge among family members and the explicit cruel acts they do to one another, are unsuitable for young audiences, but my family has continued to watch the programme as it is a convenient way of exposing my children to more Mandarin (we are an English-speaking family). As it is on prime-time television, surely, it can't be too risque, can it?

However, the episode which aired on Oct 17 crossed the boundary of what is acceptable on prime-time television.

Towards the end of this episode, the character Shaodong showed the dim-witted Dayang an X-rated VCD to arouse him. (It appears to be a pirated VCD as there are no markings on it.)

Shaodong then encouraged Dayang to make sexual advances to his girlfriend Baobei that night and told him that he should force himself on her if she refused to accept his advances. . . . .blah blah blah

In my opinion, this scene is totally unnecessary for the development of the story. What message does this episode convey to viewers, especially young, impressionable ones?

It is the duty of members of the public to raise the issue whenever they feel that the line has been crossed, and mine is but one small voice to show the broadcasters and producers that the public is vigilant.

Dr Tham Chen Khong

What the heck?!?!

I suggest the author to get a tutor to teach his children PROPER CHINESE instead of letting them learn the language by watching drama serial.

Parents should have control over what their kids watch. hell if want to keep everyone happy.. why not suggest mediacock put PG rated on the corner...singapore loves to give's another chance for the censor board

Farking typical of Singaporeans.Instead of exercising caution themselves Singaporeans always expect d gahment to do everything for them.What's new?

It goes to show that parents are not taking the responsibility on teaching their children that not everything on TV is correct. If they felt that their children is impressionable, then they should always be around their kids when the kids are doing something which might leave them impressioned.

If the fella think not suitable, then don't watch lar.... nobody focing him....... he expect everything to be that anyone also can be script writer and producer !!

There is nothing worth watching on TV anyway. The good shows would be available for download online.

In any case some of our younger generations are ready so morally inncorrect, some steamy scenes on NATIONAL TV won't do any harm.

This is indeed truly uniquely singapore ....

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