Wednesday, October 12, 2005

PSLE blunder

"The board admitted yesterday that while the answer could be worked out using the data given, there was a 'flaw' in the question. It is 'mathematically not possible to draw such a figure', it said, adding that it was 'sorry about the flaw'. "

I ask my p6 friend liao...the question is: find the area of the square right below

. free marks ~so no one will get zero for PSLE Maths.

Lowest mark one can get will be 2 marks , those void deck guitar playing student must be smiling now.

Irresponsible ministry for just giving full marks to allf or that question. Instead of just saying a short sorry the person who set the questions should come out personally to apologise, hide behind for wat. typical ministry people when things c o c k up.They didnt consider that different students have different character, some may have spent alot of time in the exam trying to solve this question and end up failing or doing not as well as they could have.Only unaffected are the elite students who will get full marks or 90+ anyway


he said giving 2 marks to ALL the students unfair.

She too. ..

they must have got the answer right... scared everyone get 2 more marks will reduce their chances of getting into good schools . .

Typical S'porean Kiasium Mentality. . so this is the type of attitude tat our young generation has been brought up with. .

But this is the educational landscape right now.
I won't be surprised if there are still students who kill themselves over their studies.

**k k. .jus for all of u out there. .
By the principals of ratio, blah blah blah. . .

shaded area = 15 * 6 / 2
area c = 45 - 4 - 16 = 25.

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