Saturday, October 08, 2005

Two bloggers get jail sentences for racist Internet postings

Koh was sentenced to jail for a month and Lim for a day.

Source: The Straits Times Interactive




Might as well all cut off our tongues and blind and deaf us while they are at it.

If they can't even tolerate an opinion, tell them to go rule a place of the deaf dumb and stupid. What's their fvcking bloody problem?

In anycase,
even if they dun get jailed ... their face was already pasted all over national TV .
no diff from being jailed ..

I mean
Racism is a form of expression..... why jail them ?

It will just make them even more racist !

Racism will always be around. And jailing them is too harsh and not effective in dealing with the root of the problem.

Sg gahmen best at sweeping things under the carpet. But they are still there, just under the carpet one day will come out again

Lies n more lies
So much for a free and more open society. .


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