Monday, October 17, 2005

Fare cheats to be slapped with 50 dollars fine

"Commuters who cheat on their bus and rail fares will soon be slapped with immediate fines of up to 50 dollars.
Transport Minister Yeo Cheow Tong made the announcement in parliament as the Public Transport Amendment Bill was read a second time.
To deter fare cheats, there will be a penalty fee of 20 dollars for fare evasion and 50 dollars for abuse of fare concession.
. . .
Mr Yeo also addressed feedback that public transport operators should be penalised when overcharging commuters.

He said cases of overcharging are usually due to system glitches.

I tell you its bullshit!!!!

It is SBS and SMRT's responsibility that the machines are working well to clock in the correct fare. Should they wanna enfore this rule, we should also be compensated $20 to $50 for the over-deduction of fares.

What he fail to realise that to get back those over charging, people have to travel to a centralised location, fill in a form and wait for a long time just to get back the small amount of money.

The inconvenience of travelling and time spend is more than the amount we can get back and hence many cases go reported.

I seriously dun mind such a rule is in place, provided its 2 ways. They are penalising passengers now, but they get away scot free should it happen to them? Wat the hell.

When u tout a system as world-class like wat the ezlink system had been claimed to be, u expect me to take frequent system glitches as an reason?????

Machines can glitch and humans cannot glitch?

So i scan at wrong stop cannot be glitch is it?

I am suppose to pay bcos 'geniuses' who designed it tot it can stop cheats and failed to think out of the box unlike old grandmas and aunties who figured out how to cheat easily.......

Why din they employ the old grandmas and aunties (I saw one who did that) to design the system instead of the 'world-class' geniuses?

If this act passes without a corresponding SLA penalty against the operators, then there is something wrong with the whole bloody system.....

Overcharged get a full fare refund or a voucher for a free bus ride?? why not a penalty of $20 to $50 to passenger for their poorly maintained world class transport system??

wrongful deduction of bus fare fallen drastically to only 0.006% are base on those whom have proceed to claim....... how about those unknown and unclaimed??

sounds like more crap to me. .

PS. . .YCT
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