Wednesday, January 25, 2006



this peeture make me laugh till PENG!


since S'poreans are too gutless to march onto the streets for a large scale protest over crappy policies, the next best thing to do would be to vote for the opposition.

At least they'll voice out if the govt tries to come out with some crap policy.

Just a gentle reminder of what our dearest PAP ministers & MPs have said in the past few years

"All NSmen are treated equally and are deployed in vocations and units based on SAF [$ingapore Armed Forces] operational requirements, their medical classification, and their academic and military performance. No NSmen has been accorded special privileges.

"Prior to year 2000, the term 'white horse' was used to identify sons of influential persons to ensure such enlistees were not given preferential treatment."

"Contrary to public perception, the White Horse classification is not to ensure that sons of influential men gets preferential treatment. Instead it is to ensure that they do not get preferential treatment."

"THE National Kidney Foundation (NKF) spends more than 80 per cent of its funds on its beneficiaries."

"Singaporeans have big hearts, and if you convince them of the worthiness of your causes, Singaporeans will open up their wallets"

First this
"We encourage people to express their views and to have a view. Our problem in is that many people don't really have a view."

then this

""Teens' white elephant T-shirt venture gets police attention"


You decide.

This is really a insane post. Blame it on work.

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