Thursday, January 12, 2006

The name of "Budget Terminal"

they hosted a competition

they gave the winner $2000 and a handphone worth 1000 over bucks

they asked contestant to use their imagination, their creativity, their literature skill, to think of a good, nice, creative name for the new changi terminal 4, supposed to serve budget airlines

and the end, the name that won the competition is BUDGET TERMINAL... wtf, this is creative, imaginary?

can someone refresh my memory? correct me if i am wrong.
there was a simliar competition not too long ago; giving the Marina South a name....after spending $400k...the name decided is . . . .well . .still Marina Bay....think some ang mo walk away laughing all the way to the bank.

i guessed there must be 1001 entries with budget terminal and the lucky one got picked... Today (the newspaper) reported that there're 44 entries which suggested "Budget Terminal" as the name. However, the boy got the prize bcoz his reasoning for suggesting the name is the best among the 44 entries and this sort of name naming competition has definitely ruffled some feathers along the way.

If u ask me i will probably call it
No-Frills Terminal (NFT). Sounds even better then budget terminal.... then can sell all those no-frill brand groceries. Wait a minute. . .why not 'NO SIGNBOARD TERMINAL'? THen can ask the no signboard seafood to set up a branch there as well. .and sell our famous black pepper crab to the tourists!

Actually there is nothing wrong with the name "Budget Terminal", but something is wrong when it is chosen from a COMPETITION which was supposed to choose the most creative, imaginary....

And the cycle goes on. . . .

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