Sunday, January 08, 2006

Exercise-Failure-on-a- rainy day

LOL... you all watch CNA? ya..i wanna laugh...ppl just take their time to get out
but according to CNA, its "Everyone are calm and move in an orderly manner..."

Trust me, if its the right deal, we will be running like a bunch of headless chickens....

Who will go down to Marina Bay MRT @ 6.30am.
Nothing to eat, nothing to shop.
Go there so early for what.
Fly kite ahhh...

This exercise is a Joke.

Thks for the Government , create this Joke of the day.

On a serious note, I really doubt the effectiveness of such drills.

Even if it's the real thing people will think it's fake and carry on doing their stuff. This is the result of us having too many drills and too many exercises that we don't know when it's happening and when it's not.

I'll give you an example.

Most of us would have experience fire alarm in shoppin centres going off. Did anyone ever panic?? Not a single soul. That's what has happened to our society. We've become so numbed to the sound of alarms that we no longer take it seriously.

I'm sure you've experienced the scenario where the nationwide siren goes off and somehow or rather you didn't know that there was a drill that day. Did you bother to stop what you're doing and hide?

I certainly did not.

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