Friday, January 13, 2006


Everybody, click here now!

Hiptechblog! The only website you need to know about the latest tech gadgets and technology. It covers not only the latest, and also the wackiest gadgets available now and in the near future.

For now I am guest writing for this website, and the Macworld post was my debut post yesterday. Check it out!

This site is started by my army mate, Leon and he invited me to write for him. Since i love my gadgets as well as to write, I say WHY NOT?

Writing for a tech blog like this not only allow us to keep abreast of the latest toys but also the occassional gadgets from the manufacturer to test and keep for our own use!

Check out the Wickedly Powerful Laser Pointers. We will be receiving one of this courtesy of wickedlasers.

Until i receive them and do a review of it, stick around hiptechblog! You are not going to see toys in the same light again.

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