Monday, January 16, 2006

NS is Killing S'poreans!!

As a small business owner who intends to support the employment of NSmen and Singaporeans, I am often forced to consider Permanent Resident passholders as they do not have to do reservist training.

Many NSmen have to attend three weeks of in-camp training yearly and this is very disruptive to a small business.

A business employs a person for his contribution to the company and while it does not have to pay the NSmen salary (it still has to contribute to the CPF), the company loses its potential income for the period of training.

Many companies will typically pay NSmen higher than PRs, but because of the 'disincentive', it is no longer viable. Larger companies can probably absorb the 'losses' but for how long and how many NSmen do they employ? Has it become more attractive to employ PRs or workers other than NSmen?

NSmen are essential for the security of our country but has the system put a penalty on our NSmen and turn them into a liability, especially to small companies?

Have the SAF studied various methods to compress the training and reduce the training period to reduce to the minimum the disruption to businesses?

Have the military men gone overboard with their plans for training to increase their importance without taking into consideration the economics involved?

In the first place, can these military men empathise with the business world when they have not operated a business in their lifetime?

Our employee with the 427th SAR recently went for a two-day stint that involved rehearsals for a parade to welcome the new commanding officer. Essential? You decide?


To all guys here i can roughly tell u all wat will be the reply from Min-DEAF MINDEF liao, that they recognize the problem and have since taken steps such as shorting ns cycle from 13yrs to 10 yrs blah blah but it WILL NOT solve the problem nor explain it, of call-ups which are totally unneccesary. oh wait. .and
the reply will always end with "thank you for your continue support of NS" ...... lying basturds

Jia lat...

We're going to be phased out soon...

NS is killing Singapore.

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