Friday, August 12, 2005

What's happening to SG? People getting fed up? Like these 4 fools?

ONE is alone. TWO is company. THREE is a crowd, and FOUR, is a RIOT.

People around the world must be laughing their heart out ..esp the South Koreans, if u know what i mean . i cannot imagine what if there's 40 protesters ..
they would activate NS men like me ...apache helicopters flying above the sky ... commandos take position to infiltrate ... amour tanks roving thru lim chu kang ...... guardsmen heliborne to the scene .. .

hehe. .
sorry .. watch too much NDP.

But seriously, I dont see any protesters in the pics.

I only see 4 TeleTubbies doing their usual monkey business outside CPF.
Dont they know that to stage a decent protest, their'll need more people?
Just ask the Koreans. I am sure they can lend a tip or two about staging a riot. .


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