Monday, August 15, 2005

I just read today's Straits Times and I found that the electoral boundaries have been redrawn again.

Well! The move will doomed the opposition parties and benefited the ruling one. No doubt about it! And stop telling us Singaporeans to be more gracious when they are so kiasu!

Geez, after 40years, they are still behaving like kids

In the end, i foresee that there won't be an election for the future generations anymore.

What is the use for opposition when it is constantly undermined and weakened in Singapore? The ruling party can continue ruling the island-state and forget about putting up a good international image of our governing method.

The election is just a show for the world to see that Singapore is a democracy.

Oops... Not a democracy but a pseudo-democracy1...

I don't support either the opposition or the ruling party but I find that the whole election issue is just a waste of time and effort. Most of the Singaporeans have either given up or are contented with the current situation. So why must there be an election in the first place?

If most of us are content with the current government, we can allow it to rule the country for the next fifty years.This is my personal opinion and I can say that the opposition can forget about challenging the ruling party.

1: Under a pseudo-democratic regime, freedom and individual liberty are lauded in theory, but derogated in practice. The State is portrayed as freedom-loving and a “beacon of democracy”. But when forces threaten the status-quo, there is no hesitation about implementing institutionalised violation of the rights of the people.

Learn something new today?

I did!

In anycase, the world is now in a crazy stage.

It might not only with the war against terrorism.

The Korean peninsular might dip into war.

China might attack Taiwan. Malaysia might attack Singapore.

Militias in East Timor or Timor Lestle might attack the government.

India and Pakistan go into nuclear war.

Militants in Saudi and other Arab states might revolt and bring down the governments.

Israel under attack from Lebanon, then Syria, then Egypt and Jordan. Etc etc.

If the problem of Israel/Palestinian is not solved and the presence of Israel's embassy in Singapore are giving Muslims fuel to attack Singapore.

So when there are gulf war, Korean war, India/Pakistan war etc, Malaysia can attack Singapore. At that time America is too occupied to give help to defend Singapore.

To prevent all these, first sack Nathan as president of Singapore.

Close down the Israeli embassy.

Appoint me president of Singapore.

Hehe. . .Just joking!

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