Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Family Members Relationship To PM Lee

Mdm Ho Ching, Wife of PM Lee: Chairman of Chartered Semiconductor, ST Engineering, ST Capital, StarHub, Deputy Chairman of Singapore
Technologies, and Director of Temasek Holdings and SembCorp Industries (Singapore Technologies unit)

Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew, Father of PM Lee: Chairman of GIC

Brigadier-General Lee Hsien Yang,
Brother of PM Lee: Chief Executive of SingTel Group and SESAMi Inc (SingTel unit), and Director of Singapore Technologies Industrial Corporation and National Computer Systems(SingTel unit)

Colonel (Dr) Kwa Soon Bee, Uncle of PM Lee (Mother’s Brother): Managing Director of Jurong Bird Park, Chairman of Wildlife Reserves Singapore and Director of Keppel Land

Mr Edmund Lee, Cousin of PM Lee(Father’s Brother’s Son): Chief Executive of DBS Vickers (DBS and Singapore Technologies unit)

Mr Kwa Chong Seng, Cousin of PM Lee(Mother’s Brother’s Son) Deputy Chairman of Temasek Holdings (Ministry of Finance unit)

Mr Ho Sing. Brother-In-Law of PM Lee(Wife’s Brother) Vice President of Singapore Precision Industries 2000 (Singapore Technologies unit) and Director of Advanced Materials Technologies (Singapore Technologies unit)

Mrs Lee Suet Fern, Sister-In-Law of PM Lee Brother’s Wife) Director of SembCorp Logistics

Ms Lim Suet Boey, Sister-In-Law’s Sister (Brother’s Wife’s Sister) Senior Vice President of SembCorp Utilities).

Long Live the Lees.........

I think the lee family employs 1/2 the singapore population...
Still got plenty of areas left untouch leh like Army, Politicians, Private sector as well as overseas investments

Really lee dynasty

Moral of the story??

Go date some chicks related to the Lees family...

ROM and u enjoy big time

And oh. . .
When this country changing name to Leekapore?

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