Sunday, August 28, 2005

Well i have seen many things , war , peace , relationships , etc. are they all about money ?

The question is is life all about money ? Do you know people who are really rich and hate that they can buy all the things in the world they want?

When you die , you say that money is not something you bring back , but how come hell also talk about money , materialistic stuff and such ?

How come without money u will be looked down upon and worst still people are sympathic of you.

Car accident also money talks.

Family property sisters and brothers also fight.

Money can get you the best doctors/ laywers.

Money can buy you a really good car and a comfortable life.

Money can get you many girls in singapore.

Without money do you think you will be able to survive well ?

I really stop many times to think are we as a race really boil things down to money?

Dont tell me the stupid crap about life is not just about money , from what i see and many of my friends see , money is always an issue to any conversation , what you work as , how much you earn , why u never drive,etc all this need money.

The question is "IS IT ALL ABOUT MONEY ?"

Is it that if you dont have money in this world you will be powerless to do anything ?

I really feel that life is about money now , things i want to do i cannot do , like traveling round the world, skydiving , flying a plane/helicoptor , etc .

Sometimes i really feel worthless as a human being without money . do you all feel the same ?

money can't buy happiness.

But it sure can buy the things that make me happy.

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