Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"[ST Forum Letter] Why force soldiers to donate?

I am a Full-time National Serviceman in the army's Singapore Combat Engineers formation.

As in previous years, the soldiers in my unit were each given an Army Half Marathon donation card. Every soldier was given a minimum quota to meet.

For my unit, the quota was $12 for NSFs and $40 for regulars.

This year, to my knowledge, every NSF met the quota. Then, recently, I was informed that each NSF would have to top up an additional $3 to $4, thanks apparently to surplus donation cards issued to my unit.

Sixteen dollars is about 5 per cent of a private's monthly allowance. Small this amount may be, but it can still be a burden to soldiers facing financial difficulties.

As there are quotas, the organisation might as well deduct the 'donation' amount from soldiers' salaries or allowances."

In my opinion, good that he exposed the dark side of SAF if not every 1 still keep thinking SAF is an angel.

In fact SAF is the worst organization in singapore if you didn't notice.

A bunch of usless personal inside who do nothing to contribute and yet trying to act as if they are some superior class among the others.

Real singapore snob they are.

Its about time this comes to light.

Aiya.. but in the end "mini-deaf"(Mindef) public affairs will give a super morally correct answer to satisfy the public.

Talking about donation cards, last time in primary school, i put names like liu bei, guan yu, zhang fei.. all put 1 cent... kena blacklist and humiliate by my form teacher.

I even had to go see the principal with my mum.. who humiliated me further.

Last time I primary school don't have forum in straits times (if i remember correctly lar)... if not sure write letter and humiliate that teacher. .

Anyone done the same before? Hee..

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