Friday, August 19, 2005

Of Love and habdwriting

Love is like 2 people filling up a piece of paper... A relationship starts off as a clear piece of paper. A guy and a gal agrees to write on that piece of paper.
When it starts, both r excited as it's their first time working together.

They fill up the paper with the best of things they can think of. Sometimes the guy writes more, sometimes the gal writes more. Some people writes without thinking much, some writes after some thought.

As the writing carries on, it gets more and more tiring. The couple have to be motivated to keep on writing. This is the commitment and responsibility of a relationship. As long as the urge to write continues, the writing will never end. It will carry on paper after paper until one pen's ink run out. This is eternal love till death do us apart...

Some couples prefer to write together, some write their own and combine the efforts. Neither side should be the only one writing, else ink may get blocked for the party who writes non-stop. Too tired...

The character of a person is like the handwriting on the paper...Everyone has his/her handwriting. It is very difficult to change one's handwriting. Not impossible but it takes a lot of time and hard work.

The outcome may not be desirable.It is also difficult to imitate the handwritings of another person. The most one can do is to be tidier or more untidy in their handwritings.

Sometimes, to make the writing on the paper look more presentable, it could be necessary for either side to slightly alter the style of his/her handwritings...

A mistake in love is like a smudge on the paper... Whether purposely or accidentally a smudge is a smudge. No matter how well the writing has gone.

So far or how lovely is the content, a smudge will leave a mark no matter how well u cover it (eraser, liquid paper, etc.). Whether to keep on writing will depend on the perception of the couple. Whether they mind the content more or the outlook of the piece of work more.

Worst case is when the paper is torn. It'll leave a very ugly mark. Well, the decision lies with the couple...

To break-off is to stop writing... Many reasons can lead to this ending.

One party could be the one writing non-stop and really too tired to carry on anymore. One party or both could be unsatisfied with the content or really dislike what each other is writing(it takes time to know the writing style of someone, it could be halfway through the paper before it is known).

Or a smudge exists and either one or both mind (depend on their level of perfectionism). Or it could be what they r writing r contradicting each other. It can also be the case where one party finds another partner to write with...

While writing, the couple may exchange their pens. In a new relationship, one party might mind that his/her partner's pen has been used by other people before.

Let's think, learn & share. It is a meaningful journey.

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Leon said...

Very well-written post! Have to agree with most of what you said.